last year

2011 was a pretty momentous year round here.

My dad was diagnosed with, had surgery for, and has now fully recovered from, prostate cancer. He dealt with all of this with a steady dignity and equanimity.

I continued the slow and difficult process of my own recovery from my stroke. There were many steps forward.

And some steps back.

Because of the continuing effects of my stroke, I had to give up my job as an academic. This was a drawn-out and emotionally harrowing process that was made even more difficult by my former employer’s department of inhuman resources. I didn’t write about any of this here, but, believe me, it was really pretty unpleasant. In September, I drew a line under the whole thing, and got rid of all of my books.

But being cut off from an institutional context did not mean that I stopped researching and writing. I published a few things I am very proud of.

And I began to support myself doing something I truly enjoy.

I brought out 8 designs in 2011.

I also fell in love with Shetland. . . .

. . . met some amazing knitters

. . . and continued to be astounded by the warmth, generosity, and genuine support of those of you that I know through the internet. (Thankyou, all of you.)

All things considered, 2011 really was a rollercoaster of a year, and I could not have got through it without the support of dear friends . . .

. . .a fun-loving dog . . .

. . .and, most importantly of all, a wonderful man.

Here’s to 2012!