Good Walk

Hiya! Remember me? My name is Bruce. Today I am telling you about a Good Walk. This Walk begins at the place called Blackford Hill.

This place has lots of grass. If you are lucky, the humans will stop to admire the thing that they call View . . .

. . . while you find a fine bristly stick, and prance with it.

Then the Walk gets even better, because it goes to the place called Hermitage. This place has mud and water and many, many sticks.

As usual, Kate was going far too slowly and stopping far too much to click-click with the camera.

She was also spouting the familiar human nonsense about how the light was changing, the birds were singing, and the gorse was coming into bloom &c.

Personally, I am not a fan of this gorse-stuff, as it is too bristly even for me to rummage in. Give me a stick any day.

Today I located many, many good sticks because of what is called “recent storms”. Here is an excellent example, but I was not allowed to tackle it.

Now, sometimes on a walk, I find a Nice Big Stick, and bring it home, where the humans feed it to the fire-beast. If only Kate had remembered that wheely-thing that she takes to the shops, I’m sure I could have helped to fill it up with these . .

Such a shame. But then later, by the water, we found the most exciting sticks of all. They call this thing ” Woodland Marimba”, but this means nothing to me. All I know is that when Tom hit these sticks, they sang a tune.

Singing sticks?

Singing sticks!

Shall I sing too?

Make them sing!

The more I sing, the more they sing!

They must be mine!

Kate seemed to find my singing very amusing for some reason.

But, predictably, I was not allowed to bring these mysterious and magical singing sticks home with me. Such is life.

See you soon! Love Bruce x