alls well

Just a quick post to let you know that all is well around here. On Friday evening, while I was on a plane from Shetland to Edinburgh, Tom had been taken to hospital with appendicitis. He was in an awful lot of pain, so they fired him up with morphine, and kept him in overnight pending surgery. But some bouts of appendicitis resolve themselves without surgical intervention, and happily that is what seems to have happened to Tom. By yesterday lunchtime he was feeling much better, and congratulating himself on his resting heart rate which, at just 35 beats per minute, was remarked upon by the nurses (it is a runner’s thing). He is still a bit peaky, and in pain, and we are both rather tired, but otherwise all is well. Three cheers for Mel who came to the rescue and, in double-quick time, drove a moaning and groaning Tom to the Royal Infirmary!