A walk at Roslin Glen

Tom is beginning to feel better, so we took a leisurely stroll around Roslin Glen earlier today. Yes, this is the same Roslin (or Rosslyn) that is home to the chapel. Dogs and visitor centres do not mix well, so we didn’t take in the interior, but if you are in the area then I heartily recommend a visit – it is just as staggering as you might imagine. (You can have a peek at a few of the most famous carvings here).

It was a chilly and dull-ish sort of a day, but there were still some welcome signs of Spring. . .

. . . and the woods were full of the scent of wild garlic.

We found ancient walls

sporting modern graffiti

Bruce enjoyed a splash in the Esk.

But he was not over-keen on my new hidey-hole.

We are both glad that Tom is improving. An actual, solid meal for him tonight!