now forthcoming!

I’m hard at work here at the moment, putting together the next issue of Textisles. It is shaping up really well, and I’m very excited about it! Among other things, this issue contains everything (well, almost everything) you will ever need to know about the history of the modern swimsuit, including a guest-feature from the brilliant Susan Crawford on the hand-knitted variety. (If you don’t know Susan, she is a knitwear-history expert, and produces wonderful vintage designs, most recently those included in A Stitch in Time vol.2 ).

The issue also includes the Betty Mouat sweater pattern, and another surprise design, which I will show to you in a few days. I’m hoping to release the issue in a week’s time, around the twenty-first of this month.

For those who are wondering what on earth Textisles is, here are some FAQ:

What is Textisles?
It is a digital magazine, containing original designs and writing, produced and edited by me.

What is in it?
In this issue you’ll find two of my designs, and four substantial feature articles, (three researched and written me, and one by Susan Crawford). If you like reading about fashion and textile history, these features will be of interest to you.

Why is it different?

The content is what is important to Textisles, and the magazine includes no advertising. Each issue is carefully produced around a particular theme. The research, writing, and the designs all speak to this theme, and they also creatively inform one another.

Can I buy the features without the patterns? Or the patterns without the features?
No you can’t. Textisles is available at a flat cost of £3.95 (about $6). You might want to read the features, or just to knit the designs, but perhaps you might be interested in both. This issue will run to around fifty pages. I consider this a reasonable price for the content.

Can I subscribe to Textisles?

At the moment, this is not an option. As you know, it is very important that I work at my own pace, and each issue involves a lot of work! Because I can’t produce issues to set deadlines it would be wrong of me to accept subscriptions for a publication which may not regularly appear. I may reconsider this in the future, but for the time being, each issue will be available on a stand-alone basis only.

More Soon!