I last saw Errigal eight months ago , when you may remember I had a bit of a time getting up and down the chuffer. It is a truly spectacular mountain — just as spectacular from the aerial perspective I saw it from earlier today. As this photo might suggest, Mel and I have spent a fantastic weekend in Donegal. There were sheep! Mills! Yarn! Unseasonably warm weather! More of all of this once I’ve got my breath back . . . and done a bit of knitting.

Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend too!

16 thoughts on “Aerial Errigal

  1. Dear Kate! I have been exploring your blog for the last few days. I think I have fallen in love with your amazing resilient and stoic spirit as well as your wonderful knitting! I have been passing on the link to your blog to other people. I found the blog while researching cable knits for an exhibition proposal and have just found your writing fascinating. It has helped to formulate my ideas.Wishing you all the best!


  2. Beautiful landscape!! I visited Donegal many year ago with my family but we were very unlucky, rain, rain, rain, always…..


  3. I am green with envy over your wonderful week-end in Donegal. Just got a great load of yarn from there to make a coat. Can’t wait to hear of your adventures in Ireland.


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