River Almond Walk

Hiya! It is I, Bruce. Today I enjoyed an excellent Walk, so I am here to tell you all about it.

This Walk begins at Cramond. Sometimes, when we come here, I run about in Firth of Forth, and dig out the fun mussels from the sand. But today there were many humans sitting on the sand. These humans were cooking hot meats on what they refer to as a Barbecue. Curiously, I am not supposed to eat from the Barbecue even though they are to be found at dog-level — delicious smoking platters, simply offering themselves up to me. In fact, only a few days ago, I discovered a large and very fun Barbecue in a place I often Walk to at lunchtime. The meats on this particular Barbecue were of the best kind – viz – the sausage kind – so I simply helped myself. Those meats were tasty! I guzzled several before Kate, and three unknown humans who belonged to the Barbecue, began the shouting and the waving. The words BAD DOG were uttered. These words are sad-making, and I was not allowed to have my swim that day.

Anyway, since Kate says I am “no longer allowed within half a mile of a Barbecue,” we took a different Walk today. But this Walk was fun also! I would like to take this Walk again!

Apparently, there is a bee in one of those pictures, which Kate referred to as “First Bee” before becoming strangely animated. First bee, second bee, whatever bee – all bees are to be avoided as far as I’m concerned.

Now this looks much more interesting.

Question: Why do the humans run away shouting “No, Bruce,” as I approach them joyfully from the river?

This is a fun river, with many things inside. Kate told me that they once discovered a Roman monument in the mud very near here. Well, today I unearthed some intriguing wet cloth from the bottom of the riverbed. Tom referred to this as “mouldy old t-shirt”, but what does he know? It may well have been a Very Important Roman find, but I was not allowed to keep it.

Here is something else that I was not allowed to keep: a giant stick covered in graffiti – though not Roman, apparently.

But I then found this smaller and equally fit-for-purpose stick that I carried all the way home.

See you soon! Love Bruce x