Just dropping in quickly to say that the new issue of 60 North is out! What? You’ve never heard of 60 North? The name refers, of course, to Shetland’s line of latitude, and is a really well-produced magazine put out by my friends at Promote Shetland. Features in the magazine explore many different aspects of Shetland’s landscape, archeology, wildlife, and culture – including (of particular interest to me) – a piece on Shetland Wool Week, and a great article exploring the fine local tradition of Sunday Tea. Also, you may remember that last Summer I published a feature exploring the history of Shetland Lace with Rowan. I know that those of you who are not in the UK sometimes find it difficult to get hold of the Rowan Magazine, so we have now re-published this piece in 60 North, where everyone can see it. Yes, that’s right: 60 North is available online and it is completely free! Stick the kettle on and and download yourself a copy!

(Image © Mirrie Dancers Project / Roxanne Permar)

18 thoughts on “60 North

  1. Thanks so much for directing us to that fabulous magazine Kate. There was such such a lot of interesting stuff to read, and your piece was fabulous, and those wonderful old photos. Thank you!


  2. Oooo, clicking my way to the magazine now! Thank you Kate for the great suggestion…. It may just be, possibly, maybe, perhaps that I will visit Shetland next year… We shall see.


  3. Thank you for the recommendation Kate! My husband and I will be visiting Shetland in two short weeks so this is very timely. I, unfortunantly, have already read your article in Rowan but, look forward to new ones in the future! Keep up the excellent work.


  4. Thank you for telling us about it!!! Now I can’t wait to curl up with my tea, my knitting, and my freshly downloaded copy of 60 North… It looks like a simply beautiful publication.


  5. Thanks for letting us know of this fab mag. Can’t wait to read at the weekend with my feet up!! Know it will make me want to visit even more.


  6. This is perfect timing! Reading your blog was one of the things that inspired me to sign up for a knitting cruise, and I will be visiting Lerwick in June in the company of a group of knitters. My only fear is that I won’t want to leave.


  7. thanks so much – great to be able to read this in Tasmania, by a log fire, with a cup of cocoa and a lap of knitting and cat… xx


  8. thanks so much – great to be able to read this in Tasmania, by a log fire with a cup of cocoa and a lap of knitting and cat….xx


    1. Thanks to the Gulf stream the climate is more temperate on this side of the Atlantic. For instance, about two thirds of my entire country is north of 60 degrees latitude! Sweden, that is. :-)


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