Tricycling around Crammond. I’m getting quite adept on the trike now, but zipping about is still exciting. Zoom!

Knitting a gigantic swatch. It is now over two feet long and counting. At some point I will settle on something – but in the meantime, I’m finding garter stitch very addictive.

Look! Bruce can fly!

45 thoughts on “this weekend has mostly involved . . .

  1. Bruce seems to enjoy your tricycling a lot! It looks like the two of you are having a race.
    Also, Scotland seems to have better weather than Germany at the moment, which makes me kind of envious (counting the days to Tiree trip in June).


  2. “at some point I will settle on something…”I think it would be great to be able to say this and know that your designer muse will soon inspire you Kate. Lovely fresh air where you are tricycling with Bruce.


  3. Love the photo’s, love the swatches, but most of all love your jumper, beautiful colour, will we get a pattern!!!


  4. Looks like a beautiful day! What do you do with your swatches? You must have quite a collection–do you knit them up into something else, or unravel them for the wool, or just keep them about for inspiration?


  5. Is the sweater you’re wearing the one with little flowers on it that you showed us on a previous post? You and Bruce are having a great time. Does Tom have a bike too and rides along with the 2 of you? The swatch looks like the sea you are riding beside!!


    1. swatch is like a small test piece you do before you knit the big project. It is often used to check gauge to see if your number of stitches and rows matches the amount in the pattern with the needle size.


  6. I love the giant swatch in all those sea-green hues. And with a bit too much row-counting on my part recently, the idea of endless garter stitch sounds very appealing!


  7. I thought these pics of you on the trike were great … and then I scrolled down through all your posts and saw those other AMAZING pictures of you ‘gurning’ in your fabulous knitwear in awesome surroundings and now I totally want a trike ! xCathy


  8. The swatch has all the colors of the sea and land in the other pictures, doesn’t it?

    Love the flying dog photo. I have quite a few of my own canine.


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