The weather is biblical. Again.

A beautiful moth appeared in the kitchen.

I prepared a gigantic slow-cooked curry. My preparations would have been more efficient had I not kept stopping to photograph the moth.

I crunched all the numbers for one of my new patterns (whoot!).

And, for those of you who were asking, my BMC kit, in the muted colourway above, is now back in stock over at Jamieson and Smith

32 thoughts on “today’s news . . .

  1. Enormous pot of curry here, too.

    I’ve just discovered your website (via my mother-in-law). I am enjoying it immensely, and have suddenly become fixated on expanding my knitting skills to include such mysteries as colourwork and steeking. Thank you for sharing your scholarship and gorgeous work.


  2. …A biblical weather perfect for mystical inspiration !
    And no other excuse required for staying at home on the sofa, knitting shetland shawls… which is total nonsense here in France, with subtropical temperatures…
    At least the Provence lavender fields keep moths away (they hate the lavender essence we spray in closets)!
    You certainly know this old “trick”, as it seems to inspire your beautiful yarn colours !


  3. Such a beautiful moth!! A lovely Cicada followed me into the house today, perhaps riding on my pants or shirt!! He is now residing on a bush next door to me awaiting the nightly chorus to strike up.

    So droughty over here—-

    Does anyone in US. carry your patterns? School House Press does sell J&S yarn but I don’t know any more.
    Thanks for reply!!


  4. Oh, what a good new ! But I couldn’t wait for and I have ordered yarn at Jamieson’s and your pattern to you 10 days ago. I’m waiting for my order and I hope to receive it tomorrow ….


  5. Thank you, for your always inspiring posts, pictures and patterns. And a specific thank you for this and the previous post, which brightened my not-that-nice day.


  6. Lovely moth photo. I came across an etsy shop last week (colorshiftyarn) via knit/lab’s blog with yarn that would be gorgeous in fair isle. I thought of you because of your wonderful fair isle work . . . I ordered from the shop and am awaiting delivery. Not affiliated in any way. Just captured by the colors. Thought you might be too.


  7. I “discovered” your creations just last week on Ravelry (what a shame!) and I immediately fall in love with them. I have already bought Paper dolls pattern and I look forward to starting it. Now following your blog seems to me to have a new friend and this is a treasure… thank you KATE


  8. Just a few weeks ago my friends in Glasgow were complaining of the heat and actually contemplating wearing SHORTS! I am glad things are back to normal there now. Your moth is lovely.


    1. Colleen! that is the very moth. It is certainly spectacular! As there’s not much difference between day and night its no wonder its confused. . .


  9. I’ve been haunting the Jamieson and Smith site since I missed buying a BMC kit from your pop-up shop and have just bought a kit. Hurrah!

    My mum told me the weather in Edinburgh was bad, but that photograph is beyond dreich and into a whole new level of weather. Maybe a new word is needed.


    1. It’s no better in London. I was saying to someone only yesterday that we’ve run out of useful words to describe the rain in all it’s appalling variety. Sigh.

      However I too have just got a BMC kit having missed it first time around so have something to smile about!


  10. MOTH! Stellar photograph. Thank you, enjoy that curry and am sure you know that it gets better and better as the days go on…………..


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