Whoa. I didn’t mean to just disappear on you there! Don’t worry — I’ve not, like the indomitable Betty Mouat, been cast adrift on the North Sea with half a bottle of milk and a biscuit — but I have just been really, really, really busy — working on my book, and a few other projects, as well as spending more time in Shetland photographing my new designs. I’m actually enjoying being so, um, occupied (it is genuinely lovely to feel able to work at a reasonable pace again) but it does mean that I have got stupidly behind with many other things — so if you have been waiting to hear from me, my apologies!!

Anyway, here are today’s announcements:

As the pic at the top of the post suggests, an edited version of my Betty Mouat feature article appears in this months edition of 60 North Magazine. Even if you’ve already read the article, or have no interest in the trials of Betty M, I would encourage you to pop right over to 60 North and download your (free) copy immediately.

There’s a great feature about the new Shetland Textile Museum, its unparalleled resources, and the expertise of the amazing women behind it, and I really enjoyed reading Jordan Ogg’s lively guide to spending the day in Lerwick (which includes some great tips about the best local charity shops for knitwear). There’s also a a piece about the restoration of Unst’s beautiful Belmont House (an idyllic knitting retreat if ever there was one) and a fascinating interview with Ann Cleeves (whose Shetland Quartet has recently been adapted for the BBC and whose adaptation will feature . . . some of my stuff!!)

(Peerie Flooers hat, coming soon to a TV screen near you)

Also, I just released a pattern.

These wee fingerless gloves have been in the pipeline since Spring, and I’ve written up the design for my friends at Studio Donegal. If you visit their lovely shop in Kilcar, you can actually buy a pair of these gloves hand-made by local knitters in beautiful Donegal tweed . . . but if you fancy making your own, you can now find the pattern here or here)

And while we are on the subject of patterns . . .

Did you see that Cloudy Apples has been released?

Cloudy Apples is a collection of accessories that my lovely friend, Jen Arnall-Culliford has created with the equally lovely Kyoko Nakayoshi. The patterns are being released in stages, and first up are these terrifically elegant socks, designed by Jen.

(Dunkerton Sweet socks, designed by Jen Arnall-Culliford. Photograph ©Jesse Wild)

Each design in the collection has been named after an apple — and just like apples, these accessories are sweet, seasonal, and very tasty.

ALSO — Tom’s news is that he’s just accepted a great new job at Glasgow University. He starts in-post next March, and will commute for the time being . . . but in the long term this may herald a Westward move for the Davies / Barr homestead. . . exciting!

AND FINALLY, for those who have missed Bruce, here he is, sitting nicely in the exact location of the discovery of the St Ninian’s Isle treasure 58 years ago. . .

. . . negotiating a stile in customarily elegant fashion . . .

. . . and being intrepid on the cliffs of St Ninian’s Isle.

What a grand walk we had that day.

There is much more to tell you. I’ll be back very soon xx

45 thoughts on “surfacing

  1. such a super post!! congratulations to tom! i studied at the university of glasgow and can’t wait till we can move the family back.
    also, i was very excited to see you on the list of vendors for the glasgow school of yarn next month, i hope to see you there!


  2. Gosh so much news! Will have a look at the Shetland stuff. Also huzzah for Tom, I’ve just started a Masters at Glasgow and the commute is not too bad. Then again, it’s a city with a buzz and much nearer to many rugged West Coast hill walks….


  3. Great news for your hat, for Tom and for Shetland – and I’m ridiculously delighted at the thought of Douglas Henshall in something new on TV :)

    I’ve adored working at Glasgow University and am very sad that they can’t keep me beyond March; I’ll keep an eye out for Tom on the train just in case we overlap for a few weeks!


  4. So good to hear from you again!
    Strange to suddenly wonder about people you’ve never met and don’t know… I suppose that’s just what the web is too.


  5. I can highly recommend Ann Cleeves’ Shetland quartet. They are fantastic books. I can’t wait to see the TV adaptation especially if your work is included.


  6. very very excited. glasgow is, as everyone knows, one of the most civilized and artistic places in the world.
    if not hearing from you means you have been incredibly busy and that bruce has been hightailing it about the stiles, i will enjoy the silence.


  7. Good luck in all the new endeavors & adventures. Loved your article in 60 North. I, too, am very tempted to move to Shetland. A dream for now.


  8. Thankyou, I’m happy to see you are being busy, creative and well. The photos are beautiful and it’s probably better that Bruce doesn’t try to leap over the style….


  9. Thank you, Kate, for the 60 North link! Great read!
    You make me very curious about your new designs! Can’t wait to see…
    Keep on the good work! Cheers!


  10. Sometimes it’s necessary to drop out of sight to get any work done. Good to have an update, and what a huge lot of new happenings! Wonderful. Go have fun!


  11. WOW, tons of news and all of it good and exciting! good on you Tom for a new job and a pattern book? Really? You never said but some have inferred… and i will read every work of the new 60 North. Shetland and Bruce with Tom…….how good can it get?


  12. sounds like your life is busy and full-so happy for you Kate and glad all is well-I wish we had good programs here in the US-I am jealous of so many of your telly shows-we have mostly garbage here except for football (american style) which I love! I like to knit when I watch tv but lately spend more time reading so less knitting…..sigh…I love Ann Cleeves Shetland series and own them all!


  13. Glad to see you so busy (mostly because that usually means more fantastic knitting patterns for us)! Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve and hope you are feeling well. Keep the beautiful photos coming. It is such a treat to see things through your lens with your added commentary.


  14. Those socks are stunning! I would love to make them. A move to Glasgow sounds exciting and congrats to Tom on his new post. I have plenty of yarn for the fingerless gloves, and have never made a pair, so will download the pattern. Am waiting for more of your designs to appear…


  15. Lovely post full of lots of news. Congratulations to Tom on the new job, good luck with the technical bits attached to job(s – both) and continuing good fortune.


  16. It all sounds and look fantastic! Congrats on the potential impending move to Glasgow. Bruce will have a whole new playground to explore.

    I shall download 60 North and have myself a good read.


  17. Your Peerie Flooers hat on television? GET out of town! That’s great! Also the new job. Also the book. (Can’t wait.) Also, as someone else said, that you’ve been happy-busy, not exhausted. You are a continuing inspiration for me as I am forced to re-shape my life (though not for health reasons). Thank you and congratulations. (Was that too sentimental? I’m known as “the emotional one” in my family.)


  18. So much goodness here…AND Bruce! How nice. I think part that made me happiest was reading “the Shetland Quartet adaptation will feature . . . some of my stuff!!)” Yay! Two of my very favorites brought to the screen together. I hope that we will soon be able to see this series in America.


  19. Thank you for these lovely little bits of news. I’d assumed you were hard at work getting ready for Wool Week. Book? Book? Was that a little teaser for us? Good to see that Bruce is doing so splendidly, as usual. Congrats to Tom on his new post.


  20. I’m so glad to hear that you’re happily busy rather than having one of the terrible bouts of exhaustion. Thanks for the 60 North download – I’ looking forward to reading it.


  21. Dear Kate,

    I’m happy to hear from you again and that everything is going so well!

    Also I wish Tom the best with his new job at Glasgow University! It sounds absolutely amazing!


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