Sheep on the hill . . .

. . . and at the marts.

Some fine boys . . .

. . . and my secret favourite.

Oliver Henry, Shetland Woolmeister . . .

. . . judging fine wool on the hoof . . .

. . . and off.

straight from the sheep . . .

. . . to the wool store

. . ready for sorting and grading.

43 thoughts on “Shetland Wool Week in pictures: part 1

  1. wonder if shetland fiddling will ever interpenetrate your knitting scholarship? didn’t know there was such a thing until reading betty vorbeck’s bio in the reed island rounders, sw virginia old time musicians:

    of course you know the scots irish are the great residents of the appalaichians here in the u.s. they are the hillbillies. one historian claims their tradition of lex talionis was taught to the black people and accounts for many other traditions of violence in the u.s. (fox butterfield, all god’s children, via david hackett fischer:


  2. I don’t know what the referendum is, or if you will comment on it at a later date, but I’m compelled to ask Kathy why she thinks you should mention or support ANY venture unless you want to…

    (,,,in which case you would have done…)


  3. I came to see if you were commenting on the referendum that was signed today. But, reading this post, I’m compelled to ask why you never mention or support Jamieson’s of Shetland.


  4. Peerieone…………SO sweet! I can smell and feel that wool from here. YUM! are you sure you don’t want to learn to process wool and spin and then knit/weave? Yeah I know, none of us are going to live that long. I myself will have to live until I am 105! :)
    So jealous of you but so glad you can enjoy all of the above and more!


  5. oh…your secret favourite is soooo cute!

    I really need to make some effort to “convince” my husband and daughter that we REALLY need to visit next year during Wool Week :)

    Kate, as always…thank you…you are an inspiration…


  6. UK Knit Camp was a complicated experience, but one VERY uncomplicated and wonderful thing that happened was the evening Oliver Henry spoke to a standing-room-only crowd about Shetland wool. A highlight of the entire year for me. Possibly the decade. It was so fantastic.


  7. Thanks for bringing all of this into my living room—
    I’m going to buy more Jamieson & Smith for sure!!
    Carry on, girL x-x-x-x-x-x


  8. Oh, I can almost smell the wool. How I miss it. Yes, Oliver Henry is a winner and looks gentle & friendly. I am so glad I had 40 years of spinning behind me so I can really enjoy these pictures and and have a good idea of what it would be like to be there in person.


  9. Your secret favorite is a definite “Yes”. Is he a bit smaller than the other men? How many fleeces did you purchase to be processed? The sheep are so lovely and so clean!! I wonder if they wear coats. Do you know if you can purchase raw wool for spinning in London? Is there a Jamieson and Smith wool store in London?
    Good luck on your!!


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