Mel at Aithsetter

Mel and Hazel McKenzie, our Wool-Week landlady.

Sandra and Ella at J&S (if you are wondering about their cardigans, there’s a free pattern here)

Eric Stewart, showing us around the impressive textile facilitation unit at Shetland College

Knitters from six nations enjoying a trip to Unst (yoohoo ladies! It was lovely to meet you!)

Hazel Tindall, teaching Fair Isle

Gudrun, teaching lace

Susan, looking fabulous

Chris Harrison, Operations Director of Vi-Spring, receiving an award from Eric Wilson, past-master of the Worshipful Company of Woolmen, and one of the directors of the Campaign for Wool

Oliver Henry, telling us about the development of the new Shetland Heritage Yarn

(if you look at the window-reflections in the previous 2 photographs, you’ll see Misa and Deborah — the organisational geniuses behind Shetland Wool Week, to whom we are all incredibly grateful for this fantastic event! I think I can also spot Jane’s back in a rather pleasing cardigan . . .)

Me and Bess Jamieson – both wearing Fairisle – at the Shetland Textile Museum.

(Big thanks to Cathy Scott for permission to reproduce her photos of the Unst trip and Hazel’s workshop)

15 thoughts on “Shetland Wool Week in pictures, part 2

  1. Great pictures! I love reading about Scotland, Edinburgh, Shetland and wool on your blog. I’m visiting Edinburgh and Galashiels this Spring to work with Heriot-Watt students on collaborative knitting projects. Your blog and your knitting is really inspiring. I look forward to exploring your country! Thanks!


  2. I thrilled to spot myself in two of the photos! One of the ladies going to Unst and in another of a workshop at J&S. Thanks for the great memories.


  3. I especially love Fair Isle class photo. I love what it captures: cozy yarn shop, women gathered, teaching and learning, everyone absorbed. You know, the best of knitting!


  4. Lovely pictures and post. I’m a Jamieson too, from Ontario, and I always find it fascinating when I come across others. I am sure everyone feels like that though. Thanks for the link to the fair isle cardigan pattern. It’s lovely.


  5. Thanks so much for posting these snaps…I especially love the one taken outdoors, with everyone so happy and woolie in what looks to be a rather brisk breeze :)


    1. It was a very brisk wind and the 3 ladies who came all the way from Rio de Janeiro Brazil were freezing. It was especially fun when 12 of us walked into the Unst Heritage Center together. The ladies there were so pleased that so many folks came out. Other Wool Week participants came by too so we were quite a crowd.


  6. thank you thank you!! enjoying your post and photos and I’m also so glad to have had Gudrun as a theacher recently at squamitalia, she is so lovely in person as much as she looks in pics :)


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