Happy Wovember, everyone! If you haven’t done so already, I urge you to head on over to the Wovember site to read the first of many wonderfully woolly installments. This year, I’ve not really been involved with the Wovember preparations because of the, um, somewhat pressing demands of my collection and book, but you can be assured that I am sitting here wearing my 100% wool outfit and Wovember badge and supporting everything that Felix and Tom are doing. This years Wovember theme is ‘closing the gap’ – that is – the gap between fibre and finished commodity that often leaves consumers woefully misinformed about a yarn or garment’s provenance and the different processes involved in its production. Tom and Felix have done a marvelous job of curating a series of really inspiring and interesting essays, beginning with a group of posts exploring what’s involved in “Growing Wool”: celebrating sheep, and the work of the people who raise and care for the animals who produce the fibre that we all love to knit with. I’m looking forward to reading more!

I shall be doing my bit to celebrate Wovember by knitting like mad, wearing wool every day, and writing more about woolly matters. I’ll try to post here every day for the next month. Till tomorrow, then — HAPPY WOVEMBER!

11 thoughts on “Wovember is here!

  1. Huzzah for Wovember! I was hoping it would happen this year, and up obviously wooled up (sheeped up?) in preparation. Shall head over to the site.


  2. Ooh sounds like so much is going on in Upover – I was playing with all Australian wool roving today – nothing like real wool!


  3. Well, I don’t know if I’m ready to give up my mohair and silk blends, but more writing on this blog in Wovember can only be a good thing. Off to check out the Tom and Felix show …


  4. Happy Wovember, everyone! If we don’t get a spell of return-to-summer weather (which we sometimes do in this climate), I’ll wear a wool sweater – and even more wool items, depending on temperature – every day this month. And of course, I’ll keep that up through December, January, February . . .


  5. Wovember is my favorite! I actually started knitting a skirt so I too can have an all-wool (and handmade!) outfit. I really am behind you on the truth-in-advertising bit. If it isn’t wool DON’T CALL IT WOOL!


  6. Wovember is SO inspiring. I support local conservation and rare breed flocks and pay fiarly for fleece etc which is then spun here in England into character yarns for knitting. Some of them I dye myself and then sell. Pushing British wool has been like pushing a steam train uphill at times so all this fabulous publicity is VERY welcome indeed!! FABULOUS!!


  7. oh it was lovely to get something from you this morning!
    Wuvley!! Have a wonder full day ———x
    and see you tomorrow, too???


  8. I for one will be very happy to see a post from you every day this month – no pressure, of course.

    Off to check up on the Wovember site.

    All the best


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