Orange and Green



A wine-red haze of hawthorn (the birds are going mad for it)




(He found it in the woods. He was so pleased with himself that I had to let him keep it. . . then he chewed off and devoured one of the fingers. Now it is in the bin).

21 thoughts on “Wovember colour

  1. The acer sangokaku outside my front door has turned scarlet. My front door is fuchsia pink. And I’ve managed to find a big potted chrysanthemum which is a rich dark maroon. Altogether just glorious. Must take a photo!


  2. I love Bruce! I’ve just found out my own Lab, Shadow, has a large tumor in his chest. We’re going to see the vet oncologist Monday. Fingers crossed!


  3. Poor Bruce, humans just don’t get it, do they? Unfair that they threw away your lovely yellow glove. Love the colors of autumn. They are my favorite, but they are all gone here in Michigan & we will settle into the whites & blacks of winter soon.


  4. Such beautiful pictures. I especially love the one looking up the trunk of the tree. And, of course, the pictures of your dog. What a cutie! Looks like he was having a lot of fun! :-)C


  5. Our leaves have almost all blown away because we are so close to the windy Lake Michigan. Thanks or sending the lovely pictures and hugs to Super Mr. Bruce.


  6. Of course he ate a finger :) who knows what delightful smells might have been in there…
    Yes, we are all in awe of Mother Nature no where we are. I was sent several pics of New Hampshire’s colours and I was ‘homesick’.
    Love the Wovember posting. Thank you.


  7. Lovely spectrum. I’m living in a similar one here in New York State. There’s something about found gloves that make them a particular delight; or, so I’m told by a pup in the know.


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