revenge of the pompom

Some of you may remember that in a recent post, I appeared to express an aversion to pompoms. Let me explain: I don’t, in fact, dislike pompoms in and of themselves, but merely hate the process of making the chuffers. Clearly, I have been scarred by interminable evenings spent wrestling with wonky cardboard rings, scissors, and escaping yarn strands. . . I thought I never wanted to create another pompom ever . . . but recently I have had a change of heart

After reading my anti-pompom post, Ina and Pokey were kind enough to send me a pompom maker. The bits of plastic you see above come in several different sizes, slot together in an incredibly nifty way, and are a total revelation! Oh, nifty plastic pompom maker, where have you been all my life?

Before I knew where I was, this had happened:

and then this:

and then this:

Those of you who left a pro-pompom comment on my anti-pompom post will no doubt be pleased to hear that I have now designed a hat atop which one of these mahoosive woolly balls will sit, rivalling the wearer’s heid with its gigantic proportions.

All being well I’ll be able to reveal the revenge of the pompom design in a couple of days. . . .

Thankyou so much, Ina and Pokey, for your wonderful pompom maker gift!