Phew! Things are really busy round here today! There is just time to show you the fourth design from Colours of Shetland – – the Northmavine Hoody.

Just like the accompanying hap, the hoody is inspired by the blues and greens of the rocks and water that shape the turbulent landscape of Northmavine.

The hoody uses exactly the same shades, in a subtly-shaded striped sequence.

The hap and the hoody don’t just share a colourway but a functional origin, which I discuss further in the book. . . .

This hoody is simple and classic in construction, and like many of the garments in Colours of Shetland, the pleasures of the design really are in the detail. It features inset pockets . . .

which are lined in a soft angora yarn, as well as turned facings which pick up the colours of the stripes and which are finished with . . .yes, you guessed it – i-cord.

As well as adding further pops of colour, the facings also have a purpose — to enable trouble-free zip insertion . . .

. . . fastening thus. . .

This is a garment designed for casual comfort and ease, to be worn as you will . . .

. . . whether you are out for a paddle . . .

Or enjoying a chilly walk on Ronas Hill

You can now find all relevant yarn, shade and yardage requirements over on the Northmavine Hoody pattern page.

41 thoughts on “Northmavine hoody

  1. i had just gotten to the photo where you have your hands in your dress pockets and thought “the only thing that could make this hoodie better is pockets” and, lo and behold, the next statement proclaimed it to be so! this is a lovely collection and i am so excited for its release. congrats again- you are an inspiring woman!


  2. Water and shorelines are so beautiful and inspirational. I love knitted things inspired by the seaside. I am wondering about the knitting though. I have always loved wool and throughout my life worn store bought Shetland-type-style things. Though an avid knitter, it will still be a challenge. Can I do it for myself?


  3. i’ve always admired the sense of color you showed in your photos, and am practically beside myself to think that you have taken the colors and the wools of shetland to your designing heart.

    i love this hoody. i’d love to dabble in it.

    All along the backwater,
    Through the rushes tall,
    Ducks are a-dabbling,
    Up tails all!


  4. Your designs are inspirational, I am hanging on for your book, decided to hint to my husband that it would make an ideal chrimbly pressie but decided that I cant wait til then, shall get it for myself!


  5. Dear Kate,

    So far the designs are beautiful! Both the hoodie and tunic are worderful and I can’t wait to cast on for them! I’m looking forward to read more about the design story in the book!


  6. This is just so divine! I saw it in the wool at Shetland Wool Week, and it really is completely gorgeous. The colours, the details, all perfect!


  7. Ah, Ronas Hill. Had a memorable walk up there once – my companion got very excited about some snow buntings and kept running after them. Very interesting flora in those parts, with its periglacial characteristics… doesn’t it have arctic polygons (or is that my imagination?)


  8. WOW, you are right it’s busy ‘over there’ :) I am impressed with the zip as I have never been a fan of them in knitted garments. You might have a convert here. Good job and OH to be paddling instead of waiting for snow……….


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