It is fair to say that I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and humbled this morning — thankyou so much, all of you, for purchasing the book and supporting my endeavours. It is incredibly exciting to see the orders coming in from all over the world, and Gordon and I are now working really hard to ensure that you all receive your packages very soon. I have to mention, though, that the volume of orders really is extremely high, and it may take us some time to work our way through everything. We have a good system in place, but please do be patient, as I imagine the orders we currently have will take several days to process. All overseas orders are being sent by airmail, so could I respectfully ask customers outwith the EU not to purchase more than four books at once as this takes the package over the airmail weight limit. Some of you placing large multiple orders may have been overcharged for shipping, and where this is the case I will refund you via paypal after your package has shipped. There are plenty of books in stock, so please don’t worry (as some of you have apparently been doing) about us running out over the next few days. If you place an order this week we will endeavour to ensure that, wherever you are, you have it in time for the holidays.

Well, I’d better get off to the post office with the next trolley-load of parcels. See you later xxx