(image via Morgan Morgan)

Number of different countries to which Colours of Shetland has now shipped: 35
Number of US States to which Colours of Shetland has now shipped: 50*
Number of pompoms I need to make for my new design samples: 8**
Number of stitches I failed to increase when working from my own pattern: 20***

*I was very excited when we received orders from Hawaii and West Virginia, bringing the US State total to a nice round 50!

**I am almost as excited about my new design – Snawpaws – mitts and mittens to match Snawheid. (The pattern is written and we will hopefully be taking some photos this weekend. More soon!)

***I am somewhat less excited about having to knit yet another Snawheid (in a different colourway, to match one of the new pairs of Snawpaws). The other day I began to whip it up, and thought it was looking a bit wee, and only when I reached the crown shaping I did I realise my fatal error . . . this evening I shall rip back, and start again!