A message from Bruce


Hello! is I, Bruce — greeting you from The House of the Unwell. Unfortunately, it has not been a particular festive festive season in these parts. First, someone called Tonsillitis came to visit Kate. Tonsillitis kept Kate cooped up for days, seemed to make her very miserable, and definitely outstayed its welcome. Tonsillitis was finally ousted by another guest called Penicillin, and things then started to improve. But shortly after this, Tom was rudely assailed by a very unpleasant individual called Appendicitis and had to go to hospital. Now, I have done my best, but it seems that no amount of wagging or barking will make these unwanted guests sling their hooks and go away. I have managed to generate a little festive cheer by repeatedly squeaking my new squeaky Santa Claus, but there is only so much of this one can do before poor St Nick is confiscated and banished to the Shelf of Doom to join Duck and Gingerbread Man and the other squeaky prisoners (fear not, friends! One day I shall free you!). Anyway, as the last days of 2012 were in most respects a bit shite, we are all really looking forward to what the new year brings.

Kate says she will be back very shortly to say something about the mittens she is sporting in the photograph below, and in the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful 2013, filled with all the walks and swims and sticks and wonky chomps you could ever wish for.

Happy New Year to you all!
lots of love from Bruce. x