I’m really pleased to be able to release another sheepy pattern! This design is a collaboration between myself and the wonderful Sandra Manson of Jamieson and Smith. As you can see, this cute canine coat features the same charts as my Sheepheid and Rams and Yowes designs, but the pattern is all Sandra’s. It was designed for her characterful Yorkshire Terrier, Toby, who is a true Woolbroker’s icon. Here they are together at Jamieson and Smith HQ.


Toby is such a lovely old boy — he will be 17 next month — and is often to be seen around Lerwick and Bressay sporting a very impressive range of Fairisle knitwear, all of which is designed and made for him by Sandra. Without doubt, Toby is Shetland’s best-dressed canine, and it is about time that he had a pattern of his very own!


Toby’s coat is made from the tail upwards and, in the same way as you’d create a mitten thumb, uses contrast yarn to create ‘afterthought’ front leg openings which are picked up later.


The neck of the coat is shaped with decreases and a ribbed edging is added all around the sides, creating a button-and-buttonhole band for the coat to fasten securely around the chest. Stitches are then picked up for the front ‘sleeves’, and a pair of neat straps are knitted to fasten the back of the coat underneath the hind legs.


Toby’s coat should fit any small-breed dog, such as a Westie or Jack Russell. The pattern includes detailed schematics, enabling you to adjust the dimensions if necessary to best fit those of your dog by adjusting gauge, or the length of the fastening straps.


Charts by: me!
Pattern by: Sandra Manson
Tech-editing by: Jen Arnall-Culliford

You can now buy a kit for Toby’s coat directly from Jamieson and Smith, and the pattern is also available to download individually from Ravelry.


29 thoughts on “A wolf in sheep’s clothing (Toby’s coat)

  1. OMG…soooo adorable! This makes me wish that I have a little doggie and my right hand does not hurt anymore…no more knitting for me for a while…had to stop knitting in November…only barely managed to finish a shawl last week for my lovely cousin and my hand is in pain now…so who knows how long it’ll be…at least I can admire your postings!


  2. Anne of Milton and I were just talking about this coat yesterday having see it on the J&S blog. Adorable.


  3. Oh – now I want a dog!! Years ago we had a poodle and a cocker spaniel ….. the poodle would have loved the wooly coat, but the spaniel would have chewed it to bits in about five minutes!! (she once managed to remove a “lampshade” collar, an enormous bandage and several stitches in her leg!!)


  4. I love it! I intended to buy all the patterns in this design next payday and now my dog, Ivory, can have a matching sweater.
    Toby sure is cute and he looks very smart in his sweater.


  5. WOOF! How cool is that? I mean, how Warm is that :) since I have Irish wolfhounds I’m not going there but my daughter has a Min Pin so ‘it’ may happen. Good job.


  6. I love Toby’s coat. He is truly adorable. However, I, who usually do not like feather and fan, am really interested in the beautiful sweater worn by Toby’s companion. Do you know if there is a pattern for it somewhere? Thanks for sharing with us!


    1. Hi Kim, i work at Jamieson & Smith, the cardigan is from an old J&S pattern that Sandra turned into a cardigan. I think there is a similar pattern in the Traditional Sweater Book by Madeline Weston. xx


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