Today I’m very excited to announce the release of the digital edition of Colours of Shetland!
This means that those of you who wished to purchase a digital-only copy can now do so here, and that all of you who have already purchased the print edition can now use the ‘unique download code‘ in your copy to access your complementary digital edition of the book.

Here’s how to redeem your code.

First, open up the book. On the inside cover, you’ll find a sticker with your unique download code printed on it.


Next, follow this link to the book’s Ravelry page. Click on the ‘buy it now’ button (highlighted below).


You are then directed to check out. Click on the ‘enter coupon code’ button (highlighted below).


Enter your code into the box, then click the “Apply” button.


You’ll then see the checkout screen, letting you know that you’ve not been charged for the download. Click on the “Checkout Now” button.


Finally, you’ll receive a receipt, and links to seven PDF files which contain the full content of Colours of Shetland. If you are a Ravelry member, these files are now stored in your library, and you’ll be automatically notified of any updates to future editions of the book. You can also download the files individually for reading on a device or computer.


A final few points:
1) Happily, we haven’t found many errata or typos (there’s a full list here), but those that there are have all been corrected in the digital edition.
2) Otherwise, the content of the print and digital editions is exactly the same (that is, all patterns, tutorials, essays and photographs are included identically in the digital edition)
3) The patterns will not be released as individual digital downloads.
4) The book has a single retail price of £14.99: that is, the digital-only version of the book costs exactly the same as the print+digital version — so, if you purchase the print edition, then, like the happy Shetland sheep on page four of the book, you’re laughing!


If you have any other questions about this process, please feel free to add a comment to this post, and I’ll do my best to answer!

43 thoughts on “Digital Colours of Shetland!

  1. Hallo Kate,
    I bought my print version in Germany and there ist a coupon code in it.
    The code doesn`t work. I tried it twice – same result. What can I do else?
    Many greetings.


  2. That is seriously brilliant! It shows forethought and attention to detail, which in my eyes you so vividly embody (along with very beautiful design skills).
    Thank you for another instance of inspiration and for the lovely surprise which is the ebook. Will look forward to downloading it, when I get home :)


  3. Worked like a charm. I really like that you split the book into 7 pdf’s. Made it much easier to download to my tablet where I am trying to store my knitting patterns. Thank you so much Kate!


  4. I’m still deciding between a hard copy versus digital but could you tell me what the file size of the digital would be (I have relatively limited bandwidth so I’d need to plan a bit if I went that route)
    Thank you


  5. This was perfect timing for me. I have just got to the armhole shaping on Ursula, and had propped my book open and thought, better be careful it looks like the page may fall out. The very next day the digital edition appeared!


  6. Whoops. Wish I’d dowloaded a copy to put in my knitting bag as the book has spent the last fortnight in there and one page fallen out and the book is looking less than perfect. On the plus side, I have some wonderful knitting on my needles.


  7. Your book is beautiful, and I thank you for including a downloadable copy of your book. I definitely wanted the hard copy of the book to keep, but didn’t want to destroy the book by keeping it in my knitting bag. It is most helpful to be able to make a copy of a pattern to put in my knitting bag. Thank you for the great patterns you design.


  8. many thanks, so easy to download and i like so many others want to keep my book perfect so the pdfs are great, thank you so much *massive hugs*


  9. How fabulous is that? BRAVO – for making your work so readily available. I ordered from New York and received the book in no time …and what a bonus to receive the pdf’s as well. Many thanks for a job very well done!


  10. Holy macaroon!. I don’t own the book (yet) but you make navigating the web sooo easy for the not intrepid. :) all best and take care, robin


  11. Wonderful news, but alas and alak, like Miss Davies I too have a signed copy but no sticker in my beautiful Colours of Shetland. I have taken your advice and sent an email to the address you provided. Looking forward to having both ways to access the patterns. With kindest regards, Coryna


  12. Thank you vey much, Kate! I trekked with my treasured autographed copy wrapped in plastic to The Wooly Brew in Pittenweem and Kathy’s Knits in Edinburgh to purchase wool for some patterns. (Such wonderful ladies and wool!) Now I am back in the far NW corner of the USA ready to knit up the Stevenson Gauntlets and Sweater. The book is gorgeous and the stories are fascinating.


  13. Thank you so much for including this in the purchase of the physical book. The book itself is a piece that I want to keep in pristine condition to treasure for a long time so I’ve been looking very much forward to working on the patterns from the digital copy. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of this inclusion.


  14. Easy peasy!

    So practical to have hard and digital copies. Now my book can remain the fair copy – no scribbled notes or smeary erasures. Thanks again for a beautiful book and designs!


  15. Thank you! This, among other things, is going to be a fantastic way to help a friend who is learning how to use ravelry on her tablet and has recently bought your book. Serendipiyy indeed! I am also keen to use my own tablet to store patterns and work from so I am chuffed to bits to say the least.


  16. Wow I was thinking about
    This today as I wanted to take my book out today and make a copy of the Puffin Mantle to knit but did not want to ruin the book. Kudos

    Question is there an errata? The only reason I am asking after reading the posts in your group section I noticed people mentioning there were some issues with some of the patterns.



    1. Hi Andy,
      there are very few errata, but any that we have found have been fully corrected in the digital edition. There’s a note about this in the paragraph above the sheep photo in this post.


  17. I had no sticker in my copy: it’s a signed copy and your signature appears where the illustration shows the sticker would be. What do I do? I have the receipt and invoice numbers.


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