I have been thinking about Brian Eno since a half-remembered lyric led Tom and I to listen again to our Roxy Music albums this weekend. Genius! This morning I rediscovered these photographs of Eno in some incredible knitwear and was reminded of his fabulously singular sartorial style.




“We got the usual strange looks in airports,” said Eno in 1972 when questioned about public reactions to his appearance, “but once they discovered we were English we were just taken on curiosity value.”

27 thoughts on “Eno

  1. I just love this post, and the closing quote:
    “We got the usual strange looks in airports, but once they discovered we were English we were just taken on curiosity value.”
    is absolutely brilliant, thanks!


  2. Brian Eno is wonderful, I think Apollo may be my favorite…special memories attached to that one. Great photos! I did not know he was so stylish back then. I particularly love the sideways chevron.


  3. He’s giving a talk this summer as part of the Edinburgh International Festival (I think its going to be in the lecture hall at the museum).


  4. How often do you come across Brian Eno in a “knitting” blog. Who could want more than this?! Love it! Avalon always takes me away…


  5. Brian Eno’s Music for Airports was the only thing that would make my twins sleep during the day AT THE SAME TIME. I have always had quite a collection of the glam seventies knits- a lovely tight fitting 70’s does 40’s square necked knit in black and silver has been in my wardrobe for about 25 years!


  6. I’ve only recently started listening to Roxy Music, but today I visited the Glam exhibition at Tate Liverpool, and the highlights for me were definitely the Roxy Music stage costumes by Carol McNicoll and Antony Price. Feathered epaulettes and sequin biker jackets!


  7. Frayedattheedge, I’m with you. I’ve never heard of Brian Eno or Roxy music, and I came of age in the early 70’s. Yep, definitely showing my age! I’m heading over to google next to see what I missed.


  8. Oh dear – I seem to be the odd one out. I don’t like Roxy Music, and I would have had no idea who that is in the photos. Now I’m worried that I am showing my age!!
    ps – I also don’t like David Bowie and think his new stuff is dreadful!!


  9. I remember the music well, but don’t think I ever saw a photo of Eno! Love the one with the cozy kitty. I love knits, but to my mind, no sweater can compare with the warmth of a lovely cat.


  10. Nice to see Eno I’ve been a fan from the beginning.My fashionable memory of him is him resplendent in an outfit featuring a feather ruff of sorts when he was in Roxy Music.


  11. The Brian Eno/David Byrne album ‘My Life in the Bush of Ghosts’ is one of my favorites. They were both looking pretty buttoned-down by the 80’s — no sweaters in sight when I googled for images …


  12. glam knits, yay. you’ve always been so good about streamlining and skinnyfying fit, that last sort of po’ boy cardi looks like something you might have designed. or might still……:-)


  13. I have always been a fan of Eno, Bryan Ferry
    And the whole Roxy music. His style has always been ever changing reminds me of David Bowie.


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