I thought you might like to see the shorter version of the Catkin sweater that Mel has just knitted — Kitkin! Like the original Catkin, Kitkin is knitted in baa ram ewe’s Titus, in a lovely charcoal grey shade.


To make this cropped version, Mel simply cast on the number of bust stitches for the second size, worked the twisted rib for a couple of inches, and then knitted in pattern without shaping until the sweater measured 12.5 inches in total.


The rest of Mel’s sweater — upper bodice, sleeves and so on — was completed exactly as-per pattern.


I think this version of the sweater is really neat, and rather smart, particularly on Mel. Some folk much prefer cropped sweaters to tunic-length ones, and the Catkin pattern is very easily adapted to suit your taste.

Mel is an amazing knitter, and while we are on the subject of her amazing knitting, I urge you to pop over to her Ravelry pages to see her Ash. I honestly think that Mel is the only person I know who would knit an entire dress as a sort of elaborate muslin for a second near-identical garment . . . I think it looks amazing and I am really looking forward to seeing the dress’s second incarnation which will be knitted for a very special occasion later in the year.

22 thoughts on “kitkin

  1. I like this design very much and definitely one to add to my queue. I’ve just seen that baa ram ewe are exhibiting at Woolfest next month. Looking forward to seeing the yarn in person. It looks very enticing on their website I must say – and I like to buy British wool to support our farmers.


  2. Hi Kate, I’m going the week after next to Baa Ram Ewe to buy the Titus yarn to knit Kitkin. I plan to knit it in the smallest size. Can you please tell me how many balls of wool I’ll need to knit Kitkin as the number on the Catkin pattern is for the long version. Thank you.


  3. Hi Kate, I’m sitting in the sun in Majorca, sipping on a glass of wine (the kindle ‘s predictive text added the word wine, it obviously knows me!) Looking at the forecast, I might need a woolly jumper when I get home on Saturday!!


  4. Absolutely stunning !!! Of course, you couln’t have chosen a better model for such a stunning sweater than Mel ! :) :: waves to Mel ::


  5. Well done, Mel! (And I hope that there is more of that lovely charcoal Titus coming down the pipeline soon).

    I have recently realized that I should be making a muslin (or whatever the equivalent knitting term should be) for every garment I knit. My knitting skills would certainly benefit, as would the finished items.


  6. Kitkin has been on my my mind since I saw it in Ravelry yesterday. The original, Catkin, shows great versatility. I’ll be buying the pattern (and perhaps the yarn, even though I’m in the US).


  7. Really lovely! I so wish I had the figure to wear cropped sweaters, it’s the tunic length for me. Very well done though. I have recently placed an order for circular needles I was missing and am waiting with ill-concealed impatience so I may cast on my own Catkin.


  8. Marvelous adaptation. I confess to peeking in Mel’s notebook on Ravelry often…she’s so talented, and I love to see what she’s been knitting.


  9. Mel is amazing knitter for real. Her work is gorgeous. This version is so lovely it fits her body type exactly. I think that is why I like about her age alter to fit her shape a s she did with Boreal and she should her figure is awesome. Kudos.


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