Lucky Tom has spent the past week cycling around the Outer Hebrides with our friend, Mool. I have so enjoyed the photos that he’s been sending me each evening that I thought I’d share a selection with you here. All of these photographs were taken with his phone.












54 thoughts on “vicarious

  1. Thank you for brining Scotland to life for those of us who will not make it there in person.

    That second from the bottom photo – that could only be comfortable for someone who just spent the better part of a week on a bicycle! ;-)


  2. Thank you and Tom for the beautiful photos. Lovely memories for me of my visits to Scotland, especially Callanish.


  3. Just lovely. The Western Isles so often have idyllic weather in May: glad Tom caught it. I remember cycling right round Barra on a family holiday when I was eight. It seemed an awfie long way, but that was in high wind and driving rain! I never caught the cycling bug, but that holiday awakened an interest in learning Gaelic. 30 odd years later, I am still trying!


  4. Wow, they did the whole length, from Barra to Lewis? That’s admirable! Whenever I drive around the Western Isles or sit on a bus, I see cyclists on the road and admire them. Now I’m homesick, too, those pictures are beautiful. There is nothing like na h-Eileanan Siar in early summer… ~sigh~


  5. I would love to visit your part of the world. Such loveliness and serenity. My favorite photos were of the castle (only access by boat?) and the house with the thatched roof? Have you found a new place to live yet?


  6. Thanks again for sending on these and all the other posts of things that move you one way or the other. There is nothing for it Kate, you guys need a tandem. Am certain despite the fun, Tom was only half there without you. Love the pic that makes the hill look like a volcano in heat. :) All best to both, robin.


  7. Wow Kate, that beach looks positively tropical … reminds me of the road north of Cairns in Queensland :) I’ve got lots of your posts to catch up on, and am looking forward to a few hours of happy reading.


  8. Super! what a treat for wet/rainy eyes! Thank you for letting us share his joy. Great ride. Otters, hope they aren’t ‘man eating’ :) still remember that crazy story I read years ago……………


  9. My first thought…”What luck that they had such good weather!” That was the former commuting cyclist speaking…


  10. i’m another who would love to know more about the standing stones, if you & Tom can manage it.

    these are menhirs, no? what sort of knitted item might they inspire? clearly, something strong, powerful, knit to last for several centuries …


  11. How beautiful. My husband is an avid road cyclist and I just thought how wonderful he would find it to be riding around these amazing places. The scenery is breathtaking. I’m particularly drawn to the little croft….I could see myself happily sat in there for as long as I desired….sewing, just stopping to take breaks to walk my dog on the beach…..


  12. It’s just so beautiful it takes your breath away. It’s so easy to forget that we have such stunning scenery tucked away in corners of the UK.


  13. Thanks so much Kate! We are travelling to the Outer Hebrides to spend two weeks enjoying the scenery and wildlife and these photos have increased our expectations! It looks everything I had imagined!


  14. I had the same joy of those wonderful landscapes and weather travelling in Scotland last week while in Germany we had the worst two weeks in May ever! So that was a lucky escape for me! Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures! I am just finishing my Northmavine Hoody, knitting it in Scotland made it rather special for me!


  15. I especially love the photos of Callanish, a place I intend to revisit one day, thanks for bringn back happy memories. I spent the week on Mull, so I know how glorious the weather was – lucky Tom indeed!


  16. Beautiful! Lately, I have felt like chucking it all away and moving to your part of the world to begin a life at a much simpler and self-sufficient pace.


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