When I first published this design a few years ago, I used a lovely British yarn that is sadly no longer available — Bowmont Braf 4ply. Many knitters prefer to make their sweaters in the same yarn as the pattern sample, and I often receive queries from folk enquiring about the yarn I used for my original Paper Dolls. I am always sad to tell them that it is no longer readily commercially available (almost as much for me as them — how I loved that Bowmont Braf . . . though I might have a secret stash of it somewhere . . .)*

So when, a few weeks ago, my friends at baa ram ewe got in touch to see if I’d be interested in using the new shades of Titus for a new Paper Dolls sample, I immediately said yes. Have you seen the palette? It is totally gorgeous.


This sample is knit using White Rose for the main colour, with Parkin, Chevin, and Eccup for the contrasts. I decided that I wanted to work with three contrasts because I just couldn’t decide between these tasty shades, and they all seem to work so well together . . . though you could easily just use two.

(ah, Bruce, always trying to get in the shot)

As well as changing the yarn recommendation, I’ve made a few alterations to the pattern. It is now nicely formatted as an eight-page booklet or ebook, which includes the (complementary) pattern for the Dollheid tam (so if you have previously purchased the Paper Dolls pattern on Ravelry, you’ll receive the Dollheid pattern as a free update). There are a few other improvements too, including clearer charts, a detailed sizing table, and a lovely hand-drawn schematic produced for me by Felix . . .


. . . who also helped out with photography.


I am very much enamoured of my beautiful new Paper Dolls, though sadly I shan’t get to wear it, as it will shortly be travelling to TNNA with baa ram ewe. If you see it there, please pet it for me.

The new Paper Dolls booklet is available now in a digital edition on Ravelry, or in print from my MagCloud store . . .

. . .and the print edition is also available to retailers for trade orders.


*I purchased a few kilos a couple of years ago from Lee. If you are interested in the unique hand of Bowmont fleece, the lovely people at Devon Fine Fibres breed Bowmont Sheep and make beautiful things from the ultrafine wool they produce.

33 thoughts on “Paper Dolls anew

  1. I’m not even sure how I cam across your blog today, but I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did. I’ve just read your “one year ago today” and looked over your blog and your portfolio. You are amazing… so talented and beautiful. Your designs are seriously the most beautiful I’ve seen.

    You may not want to read this, but I read a book a few years ago called “The Brain That Changes Itself,” by Dr. Norman Doidge. This is an amazing book… truly… and very encouraging. While I’ve never experienced a stroke, I’ve lost a son, husband, parents, and both my sister and I have gone through breast cancer (mine more invasive than hers), and I continue to be drawn by the way our minds create our reality – and how that reality is jeopardized when illness occurs. I’ve had a very difficult time trying to figure out what I believe, about life, everything… after my son died in ’98 and my husband in ’07.

    I’m a compulsive knitter and will look and see what I can purchase from your stock of mesmerizing articles. I see that you’ve got a Ravelry membership. Is it possible for me to buy patterns/books from you as I am in the U.S.

    Thank you – for sharing and for everything, Kate.


  2. okay okay…I know…I can be dense at times, but frankly it took for you to put it in black and white on the page before I realised I can do this for my Grand daughter in two colours…shakes head at self…thanks Kate and looking forward to having you on the West side…I suspect Balfron was calling you


  3. You can sometimes get pure-bred Bowmont fleece for handspinning from Lesley at Devon Fine Fibres. I’m not sure she has any in yarn form though, but it doesn’t hurt to ask! AFAIK this is the only entirely purebred flock from the Macaulay Institute animals left in the UK.


  4. Love your new colourway! I have recieved my update email, thanks :)
    Having finished my paper dolls (hedgehog adaptation) jumper last winter. I am very tempted to knit it again, the jumper is such a lovely shape & I loved seeing everyone’s variations, however I do have my eye on Blaithin!


    1. Sorry…Kate…low tech Barb moment…I realized why I did not get an update notice from my Ravelry account…because I did not have a Paypal account way back when…so I asked someone to purchase it for me..yikes!


  5. It’s a shame about the Bowmont Braf, I’ve just ripped out the back of a jumper I started in 2009 to reknit in another pattern as it’s too nice to leave idle. It’s does, however, give an opportunity to knit in Titus, hurrah! The Paper Dolls looks fab, lovely sharp contrast in colours.


  6. Oh yes, I agree, that yarn palette is very tasty indeed ! I really love that you’re doing an overhaul and putting together a Dollheid Ebook which includes the set of top & tam. I am so glad to see something hand-drawn, and I wasn’t sure that was acceptable any longer, and you know, I am so happy you’re doing it. If EZ and KateDavies can include hand-drawn scematics, then so may I … right? :) Lovely work, lovely wee dolls too.


  7. The local source for Bowmont fibre is Margie at Moondance Yarns, along near Eyemouth. She has a flock of Bowmonts and sells the fleece for handspinning. Lovely stuff.

    Beautiful sweater btw, I’ve always liked that pattern. It wouldn’t suit my body shape but I still want to knit it, must see if DD fancies one.


  8. OMG…I sound like a teenager ;-) I have to knit one…for this winter…

    I’m on my 6th Dollheid tam! This one is for the amazing Kindergarten teacher who taught our daughter years ago…a few more for some other amazing teachers she’s had…just to say thank you…once I’m done with those…I will get Titus… ;-)


  9. AH, so that is what you were sporting yesterday! Lovely. Those Titus colours are good enough to ‘eat’!
    However the postage from there to here would preclude me eating!! am going to be making your Thyme and Taleggio scones today…….yummers.


  10. This is gorgeous. These dolls are popping. I do love it. I am so going to put in an order from this company just to get a feel for the yarn.


  11. I’ve always had reservations about making short-sleeved jumpers – if it’s cold enough for a jumper, then it’s cold enough for sleeves! But Paper Dolls has always intrigued me and these colours and your updates are very tempting!


    1. I had the same reservation but I bought a short-sleeved sweater last fall and I wear it very often! I wear it over long-sleeved tops, either cotton knit or blouses, especially when I need insulation but don’t want woolly cuffs near whatever it is I’m doing (baking and doing dishes especially, which always get my cuffs mucky). Now I know how useful they are, I plan to knit more!


  12. ah, Kate…once again, my source of inspiration…and I know I speak for us all! Thank you! Oh, can we have a tam to match?


  13. fascinating to read about Bowmont sheep – wonder if they sell the fleeces direct – must find out… love the names (and colours) of the yarns. really enjoying your blog, thank you.


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