(Photo ©Susan Gibbs and reproduced courtesy of Juniper Moon Farm)

The Shepherd and the Shearer is live! So, if you would like to purchase one of a limited number of kits to knit either (or both!) of mine and Kirsten’s designs, please pop over to the Juniper Moon Farm Shop. Or, if you’d just like the pattern for the Shepherd hoody, you can now purchase this digitally via Ravelry here.
ETA: Kirsten has also written a post about the process of designing her richly-cabled, perfectly balanced, and totally timeless Shearer pullover, and you’ll find the Ravelry link for The Shearer here.

Happy knitting! x

21 thoughts on “The Shepherd and The Shearer – together!

  1. Both sweaters soooo lovely. I’m one of those oglers who follows all this wonderful stuff but have never actually knitted anything in my life. Just wondered if I could get a pattern to knit the smiling doggie in the lower left of the picture?


  2. So excited about this. I’ve just ordered the wool and your pattern. Can’t wait and I love everything you design Kate. I wish I had enough time to knit everything.


  3. I’m one of the lucky original supporters but ordered the Shepherd digital pattern as well. I have not knitted that many cables in my life so it will be a real and glorious project!
    Thank you, Kate!!


  4. Dear Kate, I just noticed on the Finished measurements for the metric values, there appears to be a typo. It currently reads: Finished bust: 30 ¾ (33 ½, 38 ¼, 41 ¼, 45 ½,
    49 ¼, 53, 57 ¼)” / 77 (88.5, 85, 97, 105, 115.5, 125, 134.5, 145.5) cm but the values for the 33 ½, 38 ¼ should be (85, 97…) versus (88.5, 85… You have listed 8 sizes in inches but 9 sizes in centimeters.

    I just downloaded my pattern from Ravelry as info. If it has already been corrected, please disregard.


    1. Hi Alexandra, the pattern has been tech edited (and measurements in cms added) by the team at Juniper Moon. It looks as if this is a typo – just email Lauria AT fibrefarm.com re: the correction.


    1. Also, sorry to be thick, but I’ve just bought the pattern, and not quite sure about ‘knitted with 5cm of positive ease’ – does that mean I have to add 5cm to my normal chest measurement to get the size I need, or does it mean that the size I would normally pick will have about 5cm ‘extra’ round my chest?


      1. The measurements given in the pattern are the actual finished dimensions of the garment – so you need to add a minimum of 2 ins / 5cm to your body measurements to get the correct size. Eg – if you are a 38 in bust, you would knit a hoody in the fourth size (41.25 in) (or if you’d like more ease, the next size up)


    2. When asked to supply my size by JMF so that they could send me the correct amount of yarn for my Shepherd and Shearer allotment of yarn and patterns and all that I was given as a Christmas present, Lauria asked for us to give exact measurements and said that the sweaters had 2 inches of ease built in.


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