For reasons completely unfathomable to me, knitters have been contacting me asking me to provide instructions to modify the Tea Jenny hat pattern into a Tea Cosy. I am frankly at a loss to understand exactly why one would prefer put teapots on a teapot rather than a human heid, but what can I say: your wish is my command. These modification instructions are based on the assumption that your teapot is large and round (like a head) and the proportions are based on the generously-sized 4-6 cup teapots in my own possession. The Tea Cosy is the same basic shape as the hat with the addition of an i-cord carry loop and steeked openings for the spout and handle, similar to those that are used on my Sheep Carousel pattern. These free instructions have been written as a good-will gesture for your knitterly assistance only: that is, they are, (as yet) completely untested. Anyone who has already bought the Tea Jenny pattern can now download the separate PDF for the Tea Jenny Tea Cosy as an additional extra via their Ravelry libraries, or can download the modification instructions for free by clicking this link
Note: you’ll have to have your copy of the Tea Jenny pattern to hand for the instructions to make any sort of sense.

Happy knitting!


25 thoughts on “um, a tea cosy?

  1. Drop dead love love love the Tea Jenny hat, especially the just-enough shaping. Unfortunately my head measures 23 1/2 ridiculous inches. But am going to order it on Magcloud anyway (so appreciate the hard copy option kate)

    Re Jenny as a cozy. I use toques that don’t work out as tea cozies, both in the house and camping. They’re kind of cute, work well and it feels good too, to make do.

    Grand to hear about the sellout. What a difference 21 inches (dig,dig :)) of loveliness can make.

    All best robin


    1. Hi Robin – I don’t think it would take much to make this hat fit – the recommended gauge (22 sts to 4 ins) is actually quite tight for this yarn, and it would knit up at 18 -20 sts to 4 ins and still create a nice fabric. I reckon if you went up a needle size, and knit at 20 sts to 4 ins you would have a hat that would fit easily (finished circumference 24-25 ins).

      Glad you like the Mag Cloud option – I find the print quality is really nice


      1. Perfect!!. Thanks Kate. I’m sure that will work and I’ll be very careful measuring the test swatch. Also, the slightly looser fabric will be perfect for hiking, when I tend to work up a head of steam :) r.


  2. The answer is clearly that a lot of knitters are also librarians: putting a teapot-patterned cosy on a teapot makes the knitted teapotpots into meta-teapots! Who could resist?

    Yes, I am a bit ashamed of being such a geek.


  3. Thanks so much, Kate. I just ordered the Tea Jenny pattern from Mag Cloud. Love their booklet patterns in full color!! I also downloaded the modification leaflet to have in case I decide to make a cozy from it.


  4. Dear Kate,
    Unusual as this might seem to you, I am very happy that you provided the tea cozy modifications. When I first saw the hat I (too) thought about trying to make it into a tea cozy. But even after finshing the sheep carousel (which was great fun by the way!!!!) I didn’t dare adjusting it on my own. So thanks for the hat and the tea cozy added value!
    (Austrian tea jenny)


  5. What a concept…..a tea cozy with teapots! Chuckle, chuckle. Thank you for giving us the instructions to decorate our heads and or our teapots. Such fun!


  6. I totally get why they’d want a tea cosy. I love the hats you make but already know that they don’t suit me (shape wise) or perhaps others are worried about getting “Hat Head” also known as “Touque Head” over here in Canada (look up touque on wikipedia). But what could be nicer than a tea cosy featuring teapots? Maybe one featuring your sheep. PS I love your new kitchen and was totally taken with the stove (cooker) they are a special order item over here.


  7. Was it Billy Connelly who said “Never trust a man who wouldn’t put a teacosy on his head if he was left alone with one”?
    Thank you for your kindness and adaptability. I hope you won’t mind if I take inspiration from tea heid for a mugcosy. ;-)


  8. That’s so nice of you to do! Knitters tend to be inventive types – I’m trying to figure out if I can use the leftover yarn from my sheepheid hat to do a fingering weight version of the Tea Jenny!


  9. I don’t need another hat, but I do need to make my sister a tea cozy. So this will be perfect! By the way, do you know how to speak in the Shetland dialect. Just curious.


  10. This was so nice of you, Kate! I still plan to make my Tea Jenny into a hat, but a tea cosy would be a great gift idea to knit for someone for Christmas (I already have a Sheep Carousel cosy).


  11. Very kind of you Kate!

    I think if I owned a particularly dull or ugly teapot, I’d love to cozy it up with one of your design. My husband is very partial to a “Brown Betty,” and though it is quaint, it is, uh, a bit dull. I’d rather put sheep on it. :)



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