Yesterday we had beautiful weather while we popped back to our old stomping grounds in North Edinburgh and Leith to take some photographs of two new sweater designs. I’ve been working on these patterns for a while now, and they form part of my Edinburgh series — garments inspired by my favourite places in the great city in which I lived for a decade.

Here’s the photographer:


And here’s a wee hint of what was being photographed:


I’m really excited to tell you all about these two designs and promise you’ll see more very soon!


As well as the two Edinburgh-series designs, I’m full of woolly plans for this WOVEMBER. The French translation booklet to accompany Colours of Shetland will soon be available, as will the second edition of the book itself, which is currently being reprinted (so if you’d like a print copy of the book, I’ll soon have my online shop up and running again). As well as the book, the shop will also be stocked with other items, including kits for three new accessories which I’m busy working on right now. Moving house has also meant moving work – it has taken a while to get everything set up, but now everything is ticking away in my studio and stock room and I’m enjoying seeing it all develop.

In the meantime, here are links to two WOVEMBER posts from two of my favourite woolly Shetland folk: Take a look at Ella’s incredible Spencer Dress, and Sarah’s fabulous collection of Shetland knitwear. (Sarah, of course, is the editor of Shetland Textiles: 800 BC to the Present, of which more another time). Meanwhile, over on the WOVEMBER website, you’ll find lots of lovely things about growing wool this week, including this interview with Pam Hall about her Herdwicks and her farm. (Some of you may remember that I knitted this sweater, many, many moons ago, using wool from Pam’s sheep).

17 thoughts on “sunshine on . . .

  1. Oh, exciting stuff! Thank you for the photo of Leith, I moved away ten years ago and I miss it soooo much. That Spencer dress is absolutely gorgeous, too – what a find! Looking forward to seeing your new designs. x


  2. Oh you horrible tease! I assume given the contemporary cinematic event that you will be asking the Brothers Reid to model the new creations?


  3. So many wonderful things in this post………LOVE Ella’s Spencer dress. Wouldn’t I love to have that pattern!!! I think I have that brown on a cone……
    The Shetland textiles book……..may have to dip into saving for that one.
    Your’s is my favourite blog of all time………you send me/us out in so many interesting directions. Thanks.


  4. Its nice to visit old haunts ! I have not been to Shetland since the 80’s….would love to go again though. I’m looking forward to seeing your latest designs. I just went to the site & purchased the book
    Shetland textiles 800 BC to present….its my Autumn gift to myself cost $94.00 so it better be interesting reading !


  5. Kate , I’m SO excited for you! Everything just seems to be coming together, and at a very rapid pace too ! I can’t wait to see the extended series of your Edinburgh designs… ((shivers with anticipation)).


  6. When I saw the pic of Tom – I thought you were going to have some men’s wear for us! Terribly excited to see your new designs!


  7. Thank you Kate. I so look forwarding to reading this when I get home from work. Who needs tv when you send me such wonderfully well written and interesting posts.

    Judy (Toronto)


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