A gorgeous day! And a good one to climb Dumgoyne – the hill that dominates the landscape behind our new home. There’s been snow on the tops of the Munros for about a week now, and it seems to be rapidly creeping down to lower altitudes – so I wanted to get up there before the weather really turns.

The last Autumn colours seemed especially bright and saturated this morning.



Don’t worry, Bruce happily isn’t interested in sheep, and walks to heel when we are about them.


A particularly incredible oak tree, in a landscape full of beautiful deciduous trees:


Climbing upwards, you get a great sense of the shape of the land. We live down there:


With Glasgow to the South and East . . .


. . . and the snow-capped Highlands North and West.


The water you can see in that photograph is Loch Lomond.


A tough descent for my wonky leg – but the first of many fine walks, I’m sure, up and down our local hill.


41 thoughts on “Up Dumgoyne

  1. …that cardigan!….. want! When’s the pattern due?
    PS Scotland looking lovely: my son’s in Stirling and we love the area. It’s a bit overlooked by tourists to some extent (heading up to the ‘proper’ highlands etc)


  2. Great pictures. I particulary liked the sheepy prospect of your walk. The new header picture is also great. I look forward to hearing more about it.


  3. Oh, how lovely to have your own local hill- we are lucky enough to have the Lake District within reach but we have to get in the car. I’m sure your walks up the hill will be good for all sorts of things, not just a ‘wonky leg’ :-)


  4. Thank you so much for sharing and taking the time to label these beautiful shots. I can hear my Grandmother singing “O, you take the high road and I take the low road” and now I have the image to go with it!


  5. Such a beautiful hill so close to your home. Crispy autumns are my favorites and you are so fortunate to be able to see the snow moving down the hill. Those walks up and down the hill with Bruce will surely make your leg much stronger. Time to bring out the winter woolies. How is Jesus adjusting to his new life?


  6. Wonderful stunning scenery and you’ve got your ‘breeks’ on…….fantastic. Yes, up the hill daily and your wonky leg will be great!


  7. Absolutely stunning scenery Kate – so wonderful to see those panoramic views of Scotland. It’s magnificent where you live. How wonderful for a flatlander like me to see these views.


  8. We’re heading to your area in July, after our visit to the Shetlands. Unfortunately, we will be there at the same time as the Commonwealth Games, so we have had to book our accommodation further east towards Edinborough. At least we’ll be able to see the scenery in the area around Glasgow by air and by car.


  9. Your home is lovely, Kate, and I love the surroundings. Bruce is such a good boy, minding at the heel. Oreo, my black lab, would likely want to be with the sheep lol. He is curious about such creatures. Don’t you just love this time of year for walking? Its so crisp and fresh. Well good for you for getting out and walking the grounds.


  10. I just fell in love with Scotland. The countryside matches the countryside I’ve always dreamed of in my head. Thank you for sharing this.


  11. What a wonderful part of the world you live in Kate! I’m so pleased for you that you are able to get around this stunning countryside, despite the wonky leg! Hoping this stage in your life brings further renewed energies, well-being and inspiration!


  12. Fantastic photos, I particularly like the one of you, Kate, and Bruce in front of the mountains… and well done on taking that wonky leg for a workout. Stay well and get even stronger! x


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