Mel’s Port o’ Leith . . .


. . . is dark and moody . . .


. . .knit up in tasty Jamieson and Smith Shetland chunky in the charcoal shade.


. . . which is beautiful to work with . . .


. . . but somewhat vexing to photograph.


The colour is perhaps best described as a faded black. It is a saturated, dusky kind of shade, and I think it gives a the garment a completely different feel to my original sample – perhaps less traditionally maritime, and more contemporary.


Mel’s Port o’ Leith turned out beautifully and is Ravelled here.


Mel and I have been very busy packing up some new kits, of a new design, which will go live in my shop on Sunday at around 6pm GMT. Pop back tomorrow to hear more!

10 thoughts on “Mel’s Port o’ Leith

  1. Yes, I love Port o Leith dark and moody and without the snood… somehow.

    It looks fabulous on Mel and I am looking at the second photo thinking ‘I like the bell sleeve bottoms’ and then realised it was the snood!!

    Kate & Mel, you make an awesome team!


  2. I am thrilled to see Mel’s version, and though the deep tones show off the color motifs a little less, I think that it flatters figure superbly. I think that I would go with the charcoal shades too. And I love how the cowl has a second purpose as a muffler. Mel, terrific work as usual !


  3. I love this in the darker colour …although I don’t always like knitting in dark shades with my middle aged vision :-( Kits sound very exciting!


  4. Everything Mel knits and models is inspiring. The “dark” knit problem is an ongoing problem here too. My daughter and I love to wear dark colours, but they don’t photograph well, so I end up knitting designs in at least two colours–one for consumption, one for photography. Very stupid and time consuming, but what’s a knitter to do? (Sometimes, getting the sun at a low angle so that it highlights texture helps a little).


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