There has been some snow.


Bruce was rumbled, sleeping in Tom’s chair . . .again


And only 5 penguins remain on my advent calendar.

Which reminds me: today is the last day for orders if you’d like a book or kit from my online shop. My postie will hoik the last sack of parcels away tomorrow and I’ll be taking a wee break from packing for a couple of weeks. We are all looking forward to a holiday here – hope you are too!

54 thoughts on “today . . .

  1. Hi Kate,
    I was hoping that my toatie hottie and snawheid would arrive in the mail today for the turkey lull. A knock at the door and voila. That didn’t take long to come all the way to the west coast of Canada. Can’t wait to get started on the 26th.
    Enjoy the holidays in your new home,


  2. Merry Christmas, Kate.
    Our dog Roy is such a repeat offender at sleeping on the person chairs (Well, why not, Mistress? You are such a mean old bag…) that the last thing my husband does at night is put upended dining room chairs on all sofas!


  3. Merry Christmas Kate, Tom, Bruce and Jesus. Thanks for the great blog and fab patterns. I love reading about the various textile and knitting history in particular and look forward to more in 2014! Love the snow pics too.


  4. I hope you all have a very merry christmas, and a well deserved break! I’m happily knitting away on my toatie hottie kit and looking forward to the finished product (to be given away to a very deserving recipient).


  5. Hello,

    I live in France and was reading the newspaper today when I came across a photo of “owl mittens” by a company called “Etsy” on sale for 30 euros in an article about Christmas shopping. It’s definitely your design and I just wondered if you knew about it since I imagined it would be copyrighted (or the equivalent for knitting patterns). I don’t know how to include a picture or I would have sent you the article too.

    Best wishes for Xmas and the new year and thanks for all the inspiration !


  6. Thanks so much for sharing all the wonderful posts, photos and patterns throughout the year. Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year to all 3 of you.


  7. Best wishes for a very happy Christmas in your new pad. Looks lovely. (I think I have a crush on Bruce.)

    Please please do let us know where that advent calendar comes from: I have a friend who is a book artist and who spent 6 months as the post-mistress in Antarctica, so there simply could not be a more perfect calendar for her!


  8. Happy Christmas, Kate, Tom, Bruce and Jesus! And thank you for the beautiful copy of Colours of Shetland I received recently. I discovered your blog and your patterns in 2013, and look forward to knitting some of your lovely patterns and following your creative adventures in 2014. Thanks for all the inspiration.


  9. Merry Christmas, Kate. It has been great to follow your move this year, and to see you settled in your new home. This blog is such a treat, I look forward to reading more next year. All the best for 2014.


  10. We had snow last weekend and it was beautiful. Too often the snow skirts around us, leaving the land and city dull and grey. The snow made my house glow with light. Enjoy your break!


  11. You can rely on a dog to find the best seat in the house! That’s just the right amount of snow – enough to look pretty, but not enough to disrupt your daily routine.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, and a happy and healthy New Year. Anne x


  12. Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year to you, Tom, and Bruce!

    Thank you for sharing your blog with us all it is always a treat to take a little trip to your part of the global.

    I am curious what kind of wood stove do you use? How expense is fire wood to purchase?


  13. Happiest of holidays and big thank you for your inspiration and sharing of ideas and fiber artists. I look forward to your designs and blogs for 2014 too.


  14. oh poor Bruce… must be a nice comfortable chair!

    Happy Christmas (more shots of the stockings please?)

    excited about my toatie hottie (a self present!)


  15. I am filled with glee to see your new hearth at Christmas time, knowing your journey for several years now … it just seems like such a wonderful new chapter. Merry Christmas to your wee family Kate. xx


  16. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2014. Thank you for your posts, always interesting, and for the beautiful pictures. A kiss.


  17. Wishing you and Tom (and not forgetting Bruce) a wonderful Christmas and every good wish for 2014. Many thanks for all your entertaining and informative posts and for all the enjoyment your designs have brought.


    1. Happy, happy Christmas to you Kate, Tom and Bruce. There’s nothing better than ones own hearth for celebrating Christmas. Abundance, cheer and lots of new adventures to come!


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