circular needle storage

Hello everyone, and happy new year!

The title of this post is probably not one to start your heart a’ racing . . . and happily its not often I get evangelical about, um, “storage solutions”, but I am so very pleased with my new super-organised circular needles I thought I’d show you what I’ve done.


These wee bags are generally known as fishing wallets or rig wallets. I was introduced to them by Mel (who is the complete opposite of me – ie – exceedingly neat and organised) and they are ideal for arranging and storing your circular needles.


As you can see, the wallets contain separate ziplock transparent compartments into which needles of different sizes can be placed.


The small black wallet has 8 compartments and is great for storing the tiny 20cm needles that I use for knitting sleeves and socks.


The medium-sized green wallet has 10 compartments secured on a ring binder, making them easy to move, rearrange, or add to when you suddenly find yourself with an excess of 2.75 mm needles.


. . .and the larger wallet contains 20 fairly generous compartments, which means I have some spare for future additions. As you can see, I’ve written the needle size and length on the compartment with a sharpie — ye gods — the joy of actually being able to find a needle! May I never gripe of the whereabouts of all the 3.25mm needles again!


The larger wallet also has a compartment at the back into which the smaller can be placed. Bags within bags!


This neat container has completely resolved the unholy mess of wires and envelopes which formerly occupied a corner of my studio. Now if I could actually just put stuff away all would be well.

You can easily find these rig wallets under their brand names on Ebay or various online fishing stores. The small one costs under £3, the medium around £7 and with a bit of searching you can find the larger, more durable, dual-compartmented bag for under £20.

Have a lovely Sunday. I’m off to take down the decorations.