Neil Stevens, Hebrides.

This is one of Neil Stevens’ amazing shipping forecast prints and I love it so much I just had to show you. If you are unaware of it, the UK shipping forecast is broadcast twice daily on BBC radio. Its detailed meteorological information acts as a lifeline to vessels planning their routes around these shores, but also provides (to anyone who is awake to hear it) an incredibly evocative litany of Britain’s liminal spaces. “This set of prints,” says Neil, “has been inspired by those midnight broadcasts with their unique language, unusual regional names and phrases.” Two beautifully produced Fair Isle and Hebrides prints have just turned up here today and I am very much looking forward to hanging them on my wall. See the rest of the series here.

19 thoughts on “visibility moderate or good

  1. Coincidence – a) have just finished reading Peter May Hebridean books b) have a sailor husband who relies on the shipping forecast when in British waters and c) have three books sitting on my table: Collyer’s “Rain Later Good” (art), Jefferson’s “And Now the Shipping Forecast” and Connelly’s “Attention All Shipping”, because I wanted to know more about it, having always heard my mom talk about it and love listening myself when we are in Brittany…
    Small world ;)


  2. Gosh, how I miss the Shipping Forecast! If I heard the midnight broadcast it was because I was still awake and feeling lonely, and it always made feel slightly better to know that there were other lonely souls listening to the same thing. I last lived in the UK 22 years ago, but still miss it – and the calm delivery of the meteorologist giving the news.


  3. Love love love! I’m always so happy to catch the late night shipping forecast as I’m working into dusk in my own timezone. It has its own special, evocative mysticism, a reaching out to lonely souls across the water. I always feel like I’m part of some secret club when I hear it.


  4. Thank you for the link. I’ve just scrolled through the whole gallery of his prints (flight tags, cyclists and tapes) and the one of the velodrome is fantastic — what a shame he wasn’t hired to design the 2012 Olympics logo!


  5. You just love all the right things, Kate. The late night Shipping Forecast is such a soothing mantra. Reminds me of my sailing days, and wondering what exactly was happening out in North Utsire, South Utsire, Lundy, Fastnet, Irish Sea, Rockall, Bailey and South East Iceland. Anyone like to join me in a quick rendition of “Sailing By” ?


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