The time has come to reveal something I’ve been extremely excited about for some time. The Kate Davies Designs tea towel!


My pal Felix (AKA KnitSonik artiste extraordinaire, Felicity Ford) has been hand-drawing schematic illustrations for me for a while. Now, I may be able to design a sweater, but I really am totally rubbish at drawing them in any context. There is a reason why I have never shown you one of my preliminary sketches for my designs . . . and this is because they are so bad that Tom and Mel have, on, occasion, howled with laughter upon observing them. Happily, after producing a design, I am perfectly capable of drafting up a schematic on my Mac in Illustrator or Photoshop, but I do find there is something incredibly pleasing about a hand-drawn illustration of a hand-knitted item. And Felix’s drawings are particularly pleasing. She is good at drawing knitting, I think, because she is a knitter.


Quite apart from their excellence and use as schematic illustrations in my patterns, I just loved Felix’s drawings, and there was just something so jolly about having all of my sweaters gathered together in illustrated form. It occurred to me how amazing such a gathering would look printed up on that most humble but necessary of textiles . . . the kitchen tea towel! When I suggested this to Felix, she jumped at the idea and got to work drawing more sweaters. After some help from Nic with the towel’s design and layout, we had a screen made up, and some nice folk in London printed and stitched them up for us! I have been very excited about their arrival, and now they are finally here I am even more excited, because they really are lovely.


The tea towels are made from a good quality 100% Fair Trade cotton. They feature 11 of Felix’s illustrations of my sweater designs – perhaps one you knitted is there?


So, if you fancy a nice new tea towel, you can find them in my shop here.

36 thoughts on “We made a Tea Towel!

  1. I got my tea towels today and love them. I knew I would…which was why I ordered 2, so I could frame one. Just ordered the frame and can’t wait to hang it on the wall above a nice white wooden cabinet I got at a used furniture store, where I store my yarn! The other tea towel will come out at book group meetings! :)


    1. I store my yarn in the cabinet…not at the used furniture store, though now that I think of it, that store would be just right for an expanding yarn stash! Heh!


  2. Thank you for my lovely tea towel, which I ordered the minute I saw it on your website! It arrived just a few days later, so thanks for the speedy service! (And I couldn’t help but order a sock kit too. Oops!)


  3. As I knit a small project, socks, hats and such, I wrap them in a tea towel. This keeps the yarn and thin needles safe with the project and all easily removed from a project bag that has so much more stuff in it. I can pin needed bits and pieces to the tea towel too.

    What better way to wrap a work in progress than a tea towel with such lovely hand drawings of larger projects to dream about.


  4. Love it! I have already ordered one for myself but I would like to order mulitples. Is this possible? I couldn’t figure out a way to do it other than one-at-a-time.


    Lee Wittenstein


  5. One does love a tea towel when one is the dishwasher of the house. And I’ve just moved house, so house warming pressie too! Ta!


  6. I will add the one I ordered to my stash to tea towels. I have high hopes of one day sewing them all together to make a lovely quilt/blanket.


  7. They look lovely, Kate. Felix has done an amazing job on the illustrations! I find illustrations of knitted designs particularly pleasing, especially when I have some of them in my wardrobe.


  8. Dear Kate, this nearly brought tears to my eyes ( in the best possible way). This is like a family reunion portrait, all those charming, unique, well-loved characters. I love the towel and second the poster idea. Love Love Love. Well done, you two.


  9. The tea towel is totally perfect and I will order one immediately …. maybe two while I’m at it so I can give one to a friend. I know it will bring a face-lifting smile to my elderly and rather senile rayburn and kitchen!


  10. This tea towel is too nice to use! I want to frame it.

    Your kitchen tiles are wonderful, too, by the way. Thanks for giving us a close-up!


    1. So surprised to see another Dixie here! I’m in southern Pennsylvania, on the Maryland line; I’d love to know where you are!


  11. Omg… I am hollerin’ laughter ! This has got to be the most brilliant Kate Davies novelty ! Oh, and I’m loving a peek at your new kitchen…. LOVE your kitchen ! I can’t wait to see your tea towels in action, cradling some exquisite treat just out of that SMART looking cooking/baking ensemble :) x


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