Just to let you know that, as the rights in this design have now reverted back to me, I have re-released the pattern for the Shepherd Hoody.


There are a few minor changes to the pattern: I’ve anglicised the spelling, and, following feedback, I’ve also adjusted the sleeve shaping to allow a little more ease around the arm in all sizes. There’s also an exciting new addition to the pattern booklet, as Felix has produced a truly superb schematic illustration for me.


I think she’s really outdone herself with this one – I find the detail on this drawing just beautiful, and the textures and shading are both accurate and pleasing. Thanks, Felix!

The eight-page pattern booklet for the Shepherd Hoody is now available digitally via Ravelry or in print via MagCloud. If you have previously purchased the pattern from Juniper Moon and would like an updated copy with the new amendments, please contact me with your Ravelry username at and I’ll sort you out.


11 thoughts on “Shepherd Hoody – re-released

  1. Good Morning Kate
    I purchased this pattern prior to our re- release and would love your update. My ravelry user name is dianajo. Thank you so much for your time.


    1. Hi Lyn, yes, that’s right – you’ll receive the updated pattern, and will receive notification of any future updates directly to your Ravelry library.


  2. Just purchased the pattern :-(. My Ravelry user name is JacqDunn…I love the pattern and can’t wait to start it using our local wool from New Brunswick Canada, which is next door to PEI where the wool was processed for the Shepard and the Shearer…I think the Briggs & Little yarn will be a bit rougher or tougher …but the same idea. I look forward to your sleeve improvement, but I like my Ameican vocabulary :-) …love your work…thanks for sharing your skills Jacqueline Dunn

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  3. Great schematic! Felix does it again! sent you an email re changes in sweater. Hope you get it as I had a hard time finding the correct site…weird!


  4. stop it kate! i don’t need another hoody! and i do have to finish sonny’s jumper. and my scatness tunic… but this beauty is really tempting. you are so talented!


  5. That’s an amazing schematic. It communicates so much more about the pattern than the typical schematic. Totally spiffy!


  6. Another captivating Kate Davies Design , and , how lucky for you to have Felix to draw for you such artful schematics!! I love , love, love it !


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