The Spring edition of 60 North is out! And its a great issue. Those of you who have my Colours of Shetland book may recall mention of my archeologist friend, Chris Dyer, whose knowledge and inspiration helped me to develop my ideas for my Scatness designs. Well, Chris recently started to raise his own Shetland sheep, and in a great feature he’s produced for the magazine, he talks about the challenges of preparing for and caring for his lovely Bressay flock. Chris is just one of those folk who should be crofting, and it made me so happy to read his piece – and his photographs make me want to be back in Shetland immediately! You might have already come across one of Chris’ fine ewes as the face of Shetland Wool Week. . .


. . . and this edition of the magazine includes loads more knitterly inspiration too. There’s a Wool Week report from Tom of Holland, and another piece covering last year’s event from Edinburgh journalist, Susan Mansfield. This October’s Shetland Wool Week promises to be really exciting, and I’m very looking forward to seeing the full programme of events which I believe will be published shortly. I’ll be there as a punter this year, and am actually hoping to take a class or two.

So put the kettle on, make yourself a cup of tea, download your copy of 60 North, and enjoy! (Its free!)


12 thoughts on “Chris’ croft

  1. Hi
    I’ve followed your blog for some time now and I just want to express my gratitude towards you sharing so much and in such a great way. I always feel good when reading your blog. Love the 60 North photos and I’m putting that up on my todo list (going to Shetland I mean). I also enjoyed your post regarding some prints inspired by bbc weather forcast. I ordered two prints (Hebridies and Fair isle) and they are lovely. Thanks for the recommendation.


  2. chris is so cool, it’s wonderfu to know there are crofters like him keeping the tradition alive. that sheep is gorgeous, as is this magazine, i only wish it came in a physical format, i want to hold it and look at the stunning images all day!


  3. Thank-you for the link to ’60 North’. My uncle served in the NZ Army during WW2 and spent the entire time stationed in the Shetlands. My family grew up hearing how beautiful these Islands are and now seeing this beautiful downloadable magazine, I can understand what my uncle so lovingly talked about. I just loved the story about the knitting convention and how I wish I could get there with my 85 year old Mum from Australia.


  4. All your region specific posts of late are really almost making me want to go out and get a “real” job. My current job as a stay at home mom is seriously underpaid! Thank you so much for all the lovely news and photos of the big beautiful world out there:) Someday I’ll get to see it all. For now I’ll settle for the 60North.


  5. Hello,I’m a middle aged woman living in the Basque Country, in a village near Bilbao. I´ve been following you for a long time and I want to tell you that I love your work and your blog. Thank you


  6. Thanks Kate, I intend to do just that, even though it means my Tea Jenny will have to wait! I received notification of 60 North earlier this week, and as I will be visiting Shetland in July, am enjoying reading all things Shetlandish in anticipation.


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