Hello! Tom and Bruce and I have just returned from a wonderful few days in Islay – one of our very favourite places to be. I’ll tell you more about our trip shortly, but for now, here are some photos of yesterday’s sunset over Machir Bay.






18 thoughts on “Islay skies

  1. Hi!
    So interesting that you’ve been on Islay, my step-daughter and her family are there at the moment. The Liversidge family have had a house on Islay (Port Charlotte) for decades and they are very active in the community. Islay is such a magic place and I can see why you love it!


  2. I’m currently having a handspinning experiment, blending fibres to match Islay sunsets. Inspiration from just looking out the windows on summer evenings, as I’m lucky to live in Islay.


  3. Kate, please design a group of knits around these photos! Then we can have the memory of that sunset forever! Thank you for sharing! “Islay Light Knits”…….I can imagine them now!


  4. Kate you are so lucky to be able to enjoy such an amazing place. My heart longs to visit there…..someday my heart will feel the contentment it so desires. Thanks as always for sharing a wee bit of Scotland!


  5. Islay is one of our very favourite places too – in fact our elder daughter is called Islay because we love it so. Well done for the marathon success….I think my John would be keen to enter for that prize too!


  6. I always enjoy you beautiful photos. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to travel back to the British Isles one day. If so, I will definitely be visiting Scotland.


  7. Oh, it looks like another wandering on Islay , that beach looks so familiar from past posts. Or maybe Tom is running a marathon….

    Cant’ wait to see. :) xx


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