When I began thinking about putting together this collection, I felt it was important to include a design that might serve as an introduction to circular yoke knitting: something that was speedy and straightforward to knit, with some interesting details and a characteristic construction. That design is Jökull.


Jökull is a yoked mantle. Though the design is extremely simple to knit – it is basically a decreasing circle decorated with some striking chevrons – Jökull also has some neat features, such as buttoned hand-openings, corrugated rib, and i-cord to stabilise and finish the garment edges.


Worked up in Alafoss Lopi, at a gauge of 4 stitches to the inch, it is an extremely cosy outdoor garment. (Having worn the mantle on some wild days in Iceland, Mel and I can both vouch for it being wind and weatherproof!)


Jökull is the Icelandic word for glacier – the name seemed appropriate in reference to the garment’s chill-defying properties, as well as the palette of shades we chose for this sample.


This is Mýrdalsjökull, a glacier in southern Iceland that Mel and I were lucky enough to visit. You can see what I mean about those icy shades. . .


Like many designs, changing the colourway of Jökull completely alters its appearance. Mel and I knit up a second sample, whose bold high-contrast shades produce a rather different effect from the subtly graded teals and icy blues of the original. We have not depicted this sample in the book (one of the shades we chose is now unavailable) but I will show you here just to illustrate how different the chevrons can look when other colours are selected.


Jökull is a super-simple, quick and enjoyable knit – ideal for any knitter attempting their first yoke, or first colourwork.


You can find more information about Jökull here
And the book is now available to pre-order here

I will be back tomorrow to tell you about the collection’s final design. We are very busy preparing packages and labels here – I can’t wait for you all to see the finished book!

20 thoughts on “Jökull

  1. Kate, I really like this one! It’s beautiful and has a special feeling about it! Well done! I love knitting in a round too, so I’ll try to use your pattern and make one!


  2. Just have to say that I am completely and utterly blown away by the collection in Yokes. Words cannot express how impressive this body of work is – Bravo! I have never seen a collection of more beautiful and exquisite knitted garments. I thought I might be able to convince myself that I didn’t need to buy the book, but goodness me, this is a MUST!


  3. Hi Kate, have tried to order the yarn and my order is waiting to be shipped but there seems to be a problem with one of the colours (the dark blue) which is apparently discontinued. Which of the other blue shades would you go for? Mhairi


  4. As to Debbie, haha, I couldn’t wait either :) I love the colours of the new design, Do like a sleeve though. But that’s what other sweaters are for…I almost always have a dog leash in my hands. woof.


  5. I cannot WAIT to receive my copy of your new book! I thought I could wait until it was available in the states but I couldn’t. I just had to order it as soon as it was available. Each of the designs you have shown are so beautiful and breathtaking. I do believe that this mantle will be my first project from the book….now off to look for yarn!


  6. Well, that does it. I had decided to be patient, wait for the book and not breenge ahead in picking which one to do first. But this has blown me off course. Now, the zingy colours of your version or the stormy colours of Mel’s?


  7. Ooh, that put the squealing brakes on me and my Lettlopi simplest shawl… had it not been finished yesterday and blocked overnight I might have been verrry tempted to pull it out and wait for this pattern to arrive!! Ah well, a good excuse to get hold of some more LOL!


  8. LOVE this one too! I will definitely knit this mantle. I”m eagerly awaiting the arrival of YOKES which I have pre-ordered! I’m going to sit with a pot of tea and just delight in your new book.


  9. Hi Kate,

    I’ve followed your work for years, and always love your posts and designs, however I thought I’d say one slightly critical thing – not about what you do, but about what you miss out, or what I wish you could perhaps turn your attention to more… most of your jumpers and cardigans are scoop-necked – such a pretty line – however when I’m cold it’s my neck that feels it most acutely. And I also love the look of a good polo neck, or other high neck forms. Do any of your yolks morph into cosy necks? If I were there on a glacier, your mantle would be horribly lacking. Do you have a remarkably stoic neck?


    1. As with most jumpers on a windy, chilly day I would wear a base layer polo neck underneath. I don’t think my neck is stoic enough to take direct contact with the wool. If your neck is more hardy then I have confidence that you could pick up stitches at the neckline and create a polo neck of your liking.


  10. Oh I Love it! Though I already have 2 chevron Icelandic yokes – Istek’s Var and one I made up based on a Boden jumper, made up on Rowan Cocoon, SO WARM. This is still on my list because I love glaciers.


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