Dear amazing, wonderful knitters! I’ve had such fun reading through your comments on the last post!


As many of you guessed, the name I’d had in mind for this hat was, of course EPISTROPHEID but there were so many fabulous, interesting suggestions I have been sorely tempted to change it . . .


For example, “Pulsatorius” suggested the name Gåsöga – a word of which I’d never heard, but which, when I googled it revealed itself to be an incredible Swedish woven rug or blanket, highly reminiscent of the stitch pattern used on this hat. (Google it and see). (I came up with the Epistrophy pattern on my own, but there’s nothing at all original about it, as its pretty much what logically happens when you try to create interlocking diamonds over a repeat of 15 stitches.)


Alixpearson suggested Pibroch (a Highland theme and variations), and among the many of you who deftly explored the realms of literary rhetoric, Pomona was the first to suggest Apostrophe or Anaphora. . . .genius!


I was also excited by your many insightful jazz references! Janine was the first of many of you to suggest Fly Right (a name under which Epistrophy was also known when recorded in 1942 by Cootie Williams) and among many of my other favourite Monk tunes that you suggested, Helen Y chose Little Rootie Tootie (a tune with a special significance for me, because of the proximity of my childhood home to the transpennine railway line)


Your comments also gave me a good laugh! The thought that I might, at some point call a design Jazz Wazz as Stacy suggested, or create matching mittens or gloves named Jazz Hands (thanks, Trish) has been the source of much amusement. Monkheid (first suggested by Louise) also caused some hilarity. Who knows, these patterns may well appear at some point. . .


Anyway, in short, I’ve had a blast reading through your suggestions and, as promised, there are prizes!

MrsPotiron wins a Betty Mouat Cowl kit for being the first to correctly guess Epistropheid
Pulsatorius wins a Snawheid kit for pointing me in the direction of Gåsöga
AlixPearson wins a Sheep Carousel kit for Pibroch
Pomona, Trish, Helen Y, Stacy, Janine, and Louise each win a KDD tea towel for their great suggestions . . .
and there are spot prizes for Jo (Epitome), Inge (tracks in the snow), Marilyn (Bebop top), and Pamknits (Crepuscule with Brucie) – who each win a free pattern of their choice from my Ravelry store.

Could those of you to whom I need to post a parcel please email me at, letting me know your shipping addresses? (I’ll email those of you who have won a pattern with a download code shortly).


Anyway, as these pictures might suggest, my new Epistropheid is seeing some wear. I’ve made this sample rather large and slouchy – which is just how I like it – but I’m currently knitting up a slightly smaller second sample (for those with smaller heids, or who would prefer a neater fit). When that’s done (hopefully this evening) I’ll write up the pattern – so those of you who would like your own Epistropheid will also be able to knit one very soon!


Thanks for playing along, everyone! x

35 thoughts on “EPISTROPHEID!

  1. The hat is so lovely and so is the pompom, but unfortunately for us outside UK the alpaca company charges 15 pounds in postage for a single pompom! Thankfully indiedyers on Etsy have decent prices or maybe us outside can find another alpacka pompom to place on the hat from another EU country.


  2. Love the hat design, and the wonderful names for the designs made me smile, which from the depths of my cold is no mean feat :)
    Looking forward to being able to knit the pattern and I love the pom-poms.


  3. Love the new hat pattern, and all the clever names suggested for it! It’s in my queue. I’d also like to know about the gloves? gauntlets? that feature in the pictures of this post. Are they a Kate Davies pattern?


  4. I love your outfit in the above photos. Can you tell us what you are wearing and where to find them. I’m pretty sure the hooded sweater was knitted by you, but the vest? So cute and the colors are so soft and wintery. I love all of it, especially the hat :)


  5. Thank you so much. Seeing my name among the winners, makes me so happy :-) Kate.
    It has been really interesting to follow this competition. I take my hat of to all wise and funny tenders. (I’m not sure if tenders is the right word, but I hope you’ll understand).
    Congratulations to all the other winners.


  6. Just passing on an idea from a friend. She buttons her pompoms on, or , if the stitches are loose enough, does so to retrofit an existing toque. Pretty cool I think, as it also lends itself to interchanging pompoms with the season or event. hugs to all you incredible kate followers and congrats to the lucky winners; the contest-post alone will keep me goggling for days. robin


  7. I wasn’t able to read all of the name suggestions, so I love that you’ve curated them. This post gave me a great chuckle (someone please, oh PLEASE make one of these in obnoxious colors and call it “Jazz Hands” on Rav!) and lots of “oooh… how clever” reactions (“Crepuscule with Brucie” — how marvelous, @Pamknits!) Rewards well deserved to all!
    Marvelous group effort, conducted by you, Kate.
    I think one of these in classy, quiet colors for one of my classy nieces, and one in her (and my) obnoxious Univcolors for another niece will be perfect for their winter birthdays! (My alma mater is VaTech and the barf-worthy colors are orange and maroon. Since our mascot is a ‘Fighting Gobbler’ — a turkey! — perhaps I’ll call the finished piece ‘Turkey Trot.’ hmmmm)


  8. Correction, your tweet! One by Ysolda earlier peeked my attention towards knitters tweets!
    I do look forward to knitting this design : D


  9. Oh my what a beautiful toque and I appreciate the playful design sense of names inspired, and the name you chose!

    Thank you so much for the stunning photos. I live in the west coast of Canada, where there is also stunning visuals on the sunshine coast near Vancouver. My heart strings are plucked with the setting of your shoot, my Celtic/British heritage strings, longing for travel.

    Merry Christmas! I am so glad Ysolda Teague tweeted this link!

    Robyn Hume


  10. Thank you so much – I am quite over the moon at winning a prize! And congratulations to all the others – such a wonderful array of suggestions. (I have emailed you with all my real-world details.)


    1. Pomona: I love the phrase “real-world details.” I also love this magical virtual world that so enriches our lives! (Kate Davies Designs being a shining star of the “non-real” world.)


  11. Congratulations to all the winners. It was great to read all the comments . The hat looks wonderful and could you tell us about the pompon. Nice finishing touch.


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