With massive thanks to my pal Rachel and her superlative & speedy editorial skills, Epistropheid is published!


Just like my Epistrophy yoke, Epistropheid is knitted in TOFT Ulysses DK – a lovely British wool – and is topped with an alpaca pompom, also available from Toft.


I’ve found this hat to be quite an addictive knit — I’ve already worked up two samples, and I’m now knitting up a third, as Tom has requested one for himself (don’t worry, I’m making his in a different yarn so we won’t be insanely matchy-matchy)

The pattern is written for three sizes of hat — I’m wearing the slouchy large size in these photographs — so whatever the size of your heid you should be able to make a hat to fit it.

And one last bit of housekeeping: I am going to do a final run with my mail crates to the sorting office tomorrow morning (Saturday 20th), so if you would like a copy of Yokes posting off before Christmas, now’s the moment to order!

The Epistropheid pattern is now available from Ravelry!

10 thoughts on “Epistropheid is out!

  1. I’ve long been a fan of your beautiful patterns. This one is no exception – however, I admit I’m also obsessed with your vest in the photos and would love to know the maker (or if this is another creation of yours).


  2. Thanks Rosie and Kate for input into sources of alpaca. I regularly use Drops Alpaca as a second strand in feling projects, so will check them out soonest. Take care, robin


  3. Dear Kate
    I am a big fan of yours, and marvel at your talent, strength and determination to continue your wonderful work come what may. I am going to ask something of you now, and of your followers. Would you please stop using anything containing alpaca for the time being?
    I am an activist for animal rights, and there are some dreadfully cruel practises going on in the wider world, in order to provide alpaca commercially. Things that I would not dream of describing here.
    But, I would ask you to look into this, purely from a compassionate and caring perspective. I know that you are a lovely person and I am sure that you would not knowlingly endorse such cruelty.
    I am proud to be a spokesperson for those who can not speak for themselves.
    With love, Rosey


    1. Hi Rosey,
      thanks for your comment. I do understand your concerns. I used this particular pompom because it is supplied by TOFT, who produce the yarn for the hat (which is a blend of wools from British sheep breeds). TOFT are a well-known (and very well-regarded) breeder of UK Alpacas, as well as a respected UK yarn producer. I’ve been assured that the item is ethically produced – you can read more about it here:


      very best


  4. Such an amusing remark about being too matchy-matchy with your loved ones. I have the same problem, especially with hats. But it’s the greatest compliment that he likes what I accomplish. I adore this pattern and the stitch definition of Toft. I still hadn’t the opportunity to lay my hands on this yarn but I very much long for it.


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