We have had quite a bit of weather here recently – mittens are definitely required! So I whipped up a pair.


You may recall, in the comments on this post, Trish suggested that a pair of mittens in the Epistrophy pattern would suit the name Jazz Hands. Well, Trish, your wish is my command. Here they are.


The yarn I’ve used is wonderful stuff — Skein Queen Voluptuous “skinny”. This heavy 4 ply is a blend of 80% Exmoor blueface with 20% organic merino and it is just beautiful – plump and squishy, soft and woolly.


I absolutely love Debbie’s dyeing technique and feel for colour. The semi-solid shades she produces work really well for colourwork, adding just a wee bit of depth and variation to the pattern. The shades I’ve used here are “powder” and “granite”, and the Skein Queen is currently dyeing up a batch of these shades to make available in kit form next week.


Will I ever tire of these interlocking diamonds? They really are such fun to knit. Just like the hat (of which I’ve now made four), I found making these mittens really addictive, and knitted a few in different gauges while I fine-tuned the pattern. The mittens I’m wearing here were worked at 30 sts to 4 ins, but, after experimenting with needle sizes, I found that the yarn blooms up so nicely that its great to work at larger gauges also. Working the pattern at 26 sts to 4 ins produces a mitten which comfortably fits a man’s hand.


As you see, the mittens feature an inset-thumb, around which the Epistrophy diamonds sit very neatly. I confess I’m really happy with the balance and symmetry of this design – sometimes a stitch pattern just works for the mitten’s small canvas. Because of the strong diagonals, I found I could design the shaping to follow the motifs in an exact and pleasing way. So satisfying!


If you would like to whip up your own pair of Jazz Hands, Skein Queen and I will be simultaneously releasing the pattern, and hand-dyed Voluptuous yarn kits next Thursday, January 22nd . So watch out for the pattern appearing on Ravelry, and keep a close eye on Debbie’s shop for the yarn update!

28 thoughts on “jazz hands!

  1. Hi Kate, I purchased PDF for jazz hands which iI printed out but then an email arrived advising of errors… I have lost the email and tried to redeem PDF from ravelry wiyh no success , please help Regards Cheryl


  2. Wow, you are fast! These look so yummy for a frosty winter day like you are having there! I love colorwork, thanks for introducing me to a new yarn I’ve never heard of before. Just started following your blog and love it! Now I need to get your book!


  3. They are lovely Kate, but why 6 photos without showing the palm side, or the cuffs?! Wait for the Rav pattern page?
    Not mitten weather in Sydney, Australia: about 28C today. Looking at snow pictures is refreshing.


  4. Beautiful mitts (as we call them here in Canada). Do you need to wear a double layer of mitts there? I always need gloves or thinner mitten liners inside my mitts or my fingers freeze. -20C yesterday, but up to -7C this morning. Balmy.


  5. I am not sure if I am more jealous of your snow or your mittens! I will be honest I am more jealous of your snow! This is the skier speaking as I live so far north in Alaska and we have almost no snow and I am a snow person!

    Back to your mittens they are lovely and I will just have to knit a pair!


  6. Beautiful! Here in Maine it has been super cold , always good weather for handknit mittens! I love having a basket of mittens next to the door, an assortment to choose from. I may have to add this pair to the group. Really enjoy your blog.


  7. I’ve been holding off buying the hat pattern, but now you’re really tempting me! Will there be a combined hat & mitt option for our Rav shopping baskets, like Snawhied and SnawPaws?


    1. Jennifer Robinson says I love the Mitts which compliment the pattern beautifully. A scarf would be lovely. Yokes book is yummy.


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