I’ve had cause to celebrate Mel’s knitting on more than one occasion here. . .


Some of you may recognise Mel as a model from Yokes: Mel has many strings to her supremely talented bow, and I’m lucky enough that she works with me on projects such as Yokes as a sample knitter, design consultant, and all-round offerer of sage advice.


My principal aim when pattern-writing is always clarity, and Mel’s suggestions often help me to achieve that. Keith Moon is a simple sweater with a few nifty details, and Mel’s advice after knitting her version really helped me to hone the instructions for finishing the collar.


Mel and I have very different colour insticts – though we rarely gravitate towards the same shades, her choices always appeal to me, and often make me think about colour in a different way. Her teal-y green, coal black and silver grey Keith Moon is completely different to my nautical original, and it is totally gorgeous.


Mel also recently knitted an Epistrophy in exactly the same yarn (tasty Toft DK), but the reverse colourway to the original. Again, it looks very different to my sample, and it is just so neat and lovely I had to show you.


I don’t mind admitting this is one of my all-time favourites of all the sweaters I’ve designed and knit and -ye gods – I want a dark grey Epistrophy now! Indeed I might have tried to sneak off with it after we took these photographs this afternoon, but Mel is wise to my ways. . .

Here are Mel’s Keith Moon and Epistrophy on Ravelry.

23 thoughts on “Mel’s knitting

  1. Dear Kate, I love your designs but have found from experience that the necklines you design on your jumpers and cardigans are too low for comfort for me. Now I could wear a scarf, but that would totally detract from some of your wonderful yokes.

    Please would you at least consider designing an alternative, higher, neckline for those of us chilly mortals. Thank you.


    1. Hi Sharon,
      I’m sorry this has been your experience. The necklines in my most recent collection reflect my research and the feedback I had about many women disliking the necklines of ‘traditional’ yokes because they were too deep, or rode up . . That said, I have designed several sweaters with high necks or deep collars (for example, Warriston, and Port o’ Leith). . .


  2. Really love the Keith Moon in the green/black/silvery colours. I am in the middle of knitting this jumper in red/white/blue . It is a little bit of a knitting adventure for me (have to be a little creative with the waist shaping), but looking good so far. Just wondering if Mel’s jumper was knit in Lett lopi yarn as I cannot see those exact colours online.


  3. I was thinking of Epistrophe reversed like that too! Although I may be tempted to another colour with light/dark versions. Must finish what I’m knitting first…


  4. I agree. All the colour-ways look so attractive. And where do you get the buttons and the ribbon facings? It’s really hard to find ribbon that is wide enough.


  5. I was given your yoke book for Christmas Kate by my sister and I am looking forward to starting on my first design. I love the new colourway of Keith Moon, the green is beautiful, I think this may have to be the first one I knit …


  6. I always look forward eagerly to an update from you in my inbox. I know I will get a glimpse not only of some stunning knitwear but also of that beautiful Scottish countryside that I so long to visit!


  7. I bought your book and am looking forward to knitting one of the sweaters. Only problem I have is which sweater pattern do I choose!! Lovely sweater and I love the details.


  8. I am ALWAYS amazed at the different look of garments in different colours. wish I could visualize them myself!! nice to have a friend like Mel…celebrate!!


  9. All of the sweaters knitted from your new book are truly gorgeous–no matter who knitted them!! We all have different color likes and this is what makes the sweaters so unique!!


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