Maybe it is the time of year or something – everything in the landscape seems so scoured out and colourless – but I find myself on a massive orange kick. And what better orange could there possibly be than this?


The yarn is Bulky lopi in shade 1418 – “carrot tweed”. Such a rich, deep firey shade! So carroty, so very, very . . . orange! The Icelandic wool so thick, so warm! The tweedy neps so nubbly and so pleasing! I just had to knit myself another Owligan.


I knit this Owligan a little shorter – around 14 inches to the underarm. Making the first size, I used just under seven skeins of yarn. Because of the tweedy nature of the lopi, the finished garment has a rather rustic feel – which is quite different to my other versions of this cardigan.


My orange Owligan is the ultimate antitdote to a grey February day and I absolutely love it.


It is Ravelled here.

39 thoughts on “orange owligan

  1. just lovely, I really enjoyed this post – the orange is so vibrant perfect for winter, when colour is needed! Loved the previous post too, so much talent. Particularly loved the hats, maybe it was the great photo.


  2. Having just finished a stach cardy (which is now not so neatly put away in a closet!) I have, once again, promised myself never to knit – ever again – well, not until come autumn anyway. Still, even so I find it remarkably relaxing looking at your photos of Scotland. I will never, ever reach your standard but that´s ok – knitting for me is mainly keeping my hands busy in front of the telly. But thank you for letting me dream away to your images.


  3. Wow, I love it. And, writing from a place where the daytime temp hasn’t been above -10C in days (let’s not mention the constant snow), perhaps weeks, I totally understand your orange love. I’m in a bit of a red phase myself just now, although now I’m starting to think your fiery, tweedy, carroty orange is even better!


  4. Oh no. I didn’t like this cardigan before I saw this version, and Now I’m sorely tempted to buy the pattern and stick it in the ‘Yokes Tote’ that landed on my doormat this morning. With an epistrophy already in progress I’m now officially a Kate Davies fangirl.


  5. So serendipitous that today I was bemoaning how grey & white & colorless the world is in the middle of our northern winter. Thanks so much for the boost of color & a reminder of the Spring flowers to come – someday.


  6. I’ve knitted the Owl pullover in gray and have been trying to decide what color to knit the caridgan. Now I know. I’ve also knitted the Warriston tunic length in red Smith and Jamison. Love it.


  7. Gorgeous colour! And I do so love the owligan! I have just treated myself to two orange yarns, one is bright pink and orange which I love! Am looking forward to seeing how my customers react to the pretty things I can make with them!


  8. Dearest Kate! How fabulous of you to have the perfect Winter anecdote for us; even knitters who adore Everything Wool have limits when the landscape, and our mood, seems endlessly grey! I am so inspired by this beautiful orange…..think I shall pull out my big bin of bright orange mohair ( I must have been saving it for exactly this kind of occasion!) and knit something wonderfully oversized and warm. Thank You!


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