Since writing this post, my ribbon obsession has, um, deepened somewhat.

I couldn’t stop thinking how nice it would be to create my own ribbon designs with which to bind steeks and facings. Ribbon decorated with Nordic or Fairisle stitch patterns . . . .


. . . ribbon printed with fun knitterly motifs like scissors and balls of yarn. . . .


Ribbon in pleasing colours and patterns and shades . . .


For a while I looked around at various options for custom ribbon design and printing. And then I found a wonderful UK company called Berisfords, who design and manufacture beautiful quality ribbons from their factory in Congleton. Not only have Berisfords been manufacturing ribbon for more than a century and a half, they created ribbons that already matched many of the design ideas I’d been having.


As you would imagine from such a well-established manufacturer, Berisfords create top-quality ribbons that are well made and designed.


These ribbons are ideal for covering your steeks, creating a pretty facing to stabilise a cardigan front opening or button band, or just to use decoratively in many different ways in your sewing or quilting projects. As you know, I am a complete haberdashery obsessive, and I fell head over heels for Berisfords designs. I certainly know what I’ll be using for a facing on my next cardigan project!


I was also somewhat amused to discover that many of the ribbons in my stash (that I’d been keeping from cakes and other items for years), were of course manufactured by Berisfords . . .

So, as I couldn’t stop myself acquiring some, and as I thought you might also be interested, I’ve now curated a small selection of Berisfords lovely ribbon designs which are on sale in my shop)

The ribbon is cut and sold in 2 metre lengths . . .


. . . which are securely packaged inside a Kate Davies Designs card, which can in turn be sent in a small envelope at letter rate (so shipping is quite reasonable wherever in the world you are).


If you are interested in buying some of my small selection of Berisfords ribbon, can I please ask that, for the time being, you purchase no more than three 2 metre lengths at once? Stocks are quite limited, and purchasing no more than 6 metres at one time will make matters much easier for me when packing and shipping. Thankyou!