. . . of my new shawl. I’ve so enjoyed working on this design!


It is elegant and simple and just a little bit luxurious.


It is coming soon!

45 thoughts on “here’s a sneak peek . . .

  1. It looks like a lot of knitted peacock feathers, it looks stunning! I’m in the middle of knitting a paper doll top and have already my eyes on your orange owl cardigan…. I can’t keep up with your creativity! :D


  2. Can’t wait to see the whole shawl! The pattern reminds me of the interlocking shell patterns on Japanese kimonos. Love the look of the yarn, too. Come on, Kate! Don’t leave us hanging too long.


  3. Just ordered yokes from the public library computer. So my earlier panicked, obsessional e-mail can now be dis-regarded. But your tease shawl is seriously teasing.



  4. Only trouble is, I must finish Frost at midnight for my daughter first!!! But we all know that one needs a little distraction, a “to go project” as it were!!! So looking forward to this shawl!!


  5. The stitch pattern is amazing! And always loving your shawl patterns, I already know (hmmm, I wonder why…) this is a wonderful design :)


  6. Well, if that is not tempting, I don’t know what is. Jeepers, I am busy right now with my semiannual stash inspection, so I must be careful to avoid drooling on things after seeing this intriguing post! And, I need to stick to my task and not go rummaging around in my various books, like Barbara Walker, to see if I can discover what this intriguing pattern is. Can’t wait to see this, Kate!

    Oh, and tell Bruce that I share his passion for potatoes — what a marvelous writer he is :-)


  7. That is beautiful. I have too much Titus – it looks as though it has been waiting for this. How long is soon, please?


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