Hello! Hope you have had a nice weekend! On Saturday Mel and I took a wee trip to Aberdeen, to visit Scottesque. You may remember that I’ve mentioned Scottesque before (in connection with the midi kilt with which I styled my Buchanan yoke).


I absolutely love my midi-kilt – I think its handkerchief paneling and bias-cut lines makes it an incredibly flattering and feminine way to sport tartan, and I find it really easy to wear. I commissioned my midi-kilt from Scottesque by email: having found an iteration of the “ancient” Buchanan tartan that I liked, and which was a good match for my yarn palette, I sent them my measurements and they designed and made my kilt for me. Anyway, I recently had an idea for a special and slightly more complicated garment (of which more later), and I thought it would be great if I could talk to Scottesque about creating it for me. So Mel and I hit the road, and found Scottesque in the lovely Rosemount area of Aberdeen (just down the road from the Beechgrove Garden, which I confess I found rather exciting).


Scottesque is run by Jan, who has worked with textiles in Aberdeen for many years. Her business began with vintage and upcycling, and grew to focus on giving tartans and tweeds a contemporary feminine look. When she applied techniques of draping and folding to the design that became her signature midi-kilt, Scottesque never looked back. The bias lines of the fabric, and the design’s subtle volume and drape means this is a skirt shape that looks good on just about everyone.


It was fantastic to see Jan’s shop and workshop, and get a sense of what’s going on at Scottesque.


Mel fell in love with the greens and magentas of the Lindsay tartan.


And I was blown away by the array of beautiful fabrics . . .


. . . and colours . . .


. . . but most especially by Jan’s design acumen, bringing tartan to life with characteristic pleating, volume, and drape.


Mel and I had a fantastic time, and, ahem, placed some orders . . .


. . . so if you find yourself in Rosemount, I highly recommend a trip to Scottesque (especially as there’s a spring sale on at the moment!) But if you are unlikely to able to get to Aberdeen, you can always order a kilt to fit you, in your choice of Tartan, by contacting Scottesque directly.


Thanks, Jan!

26 thoughts on “at Scottesque

  1. Oh my, I have never lusted after a kilt before, but now I feel I must have one, even if it may seem odd for an American! My guess is that your post will generate a bit of business for them!


  2. When we lived in Indonesia, Malcolm’s secretary asked me to buy her a mini kilt on one of my trips home. She then wore it to work, instead of the boring beige skirt of her company uniform!


  3. Hello Kate, love your patterns, please look at my post April, 12th. You can take translate-button.
    Because of this inspiration above I ordered a Skirt at Scottesque in Tartan Stewart Royal and knit your Pullover in colors of Tartan. Now I wear the fine Designs in Hannover/Germany. It was my own Birthday gift :-)
    Thank you for all wonderful inspirations and sorry for my bad English ;-)
    Kind regards


  4. Lovely Buchanan yoke design; it looks wonderful with the kilt!

    My grandmother was a Buchanan. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet her, but I know she was a great lady.


  5. Kate! God, why do you do this to me? I want one! Can you tell us what the names of the colors you posted are? Like that pink and aqua and yellow one? I had just forgotten about the last time you posted about them and here you go bringing it up again, only 5 months before my birthday… :) Gah! How the heck can I pick one from the tiny swatch samples? aye aye aye…


  6. Kate, what always brings me back to your site is your brilliant blending of contemporary and traditional design elements. The skilled kilt creations to be found at Scottesque do inspire me to wish to obtain such a kilt. From across the broad Atlantic over here in NYC, I do plan some investigating via a the web…although I would so much prefer to travel right over to Scotland tomorrow morning. xo


  7. Mesmerised by the mix of colours. A shop to spend a few hours browsing around. So much choice of colours making it hard/impossible to decide. The photography seems to bring the colours alive. Fortunately, not in my locality but will tag location if I journey north of the border. The stunning scenery makes me want to make that journey soon. I forget how beautiful Scotland is..


  8. I fell in love with the bias cut of your kilt. I have a kilted skirt and vest in my tartan and I think it would be so nice to have a modern version! Thank you for the post–the fabrics and clothing are beautifully tailored.


  9. I’ve loved the Scottesque look since the first time you mentioned it – it’s been bookmarked on my computer ever since. I just wish I could jaunt down the road to see them, as I am still a bit timid about ordering a custom-tailored garment from an ocean and a continent away!


  10. I am greatly moved. I can’t really explain the stirring inside. Such Works of Art, to wear! I can hardly wait to see and hear about what you have brewing up your sleeve and how it connects to those wonderful Tartans! I think it is sad that women have moved so much away from such wonderful and feminine clothing. I can’t decide on a favorite, though I wold have to say that I love the Scottesque Brown Multi and Gordon Red Muted are up at the top. You are lucky to have such a rich heritage, one that swirls around you through time, even in this Day and age. Here’s to Family! Here’s to Heritage! Here’s to Knitting! A Good Week to Ya’ll! Thanks Kate for keeping it all ALIVE!


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