eight years!


I just had a notification from WordPress that it is apparently eight years ago today since my first blog post here. This is a pretty significant anniversary, and I’ve spent the past couple of hours thinking about how important this online space has been for me. Many of you will recogise the old needled header and layout above (for which I confess I harbour a nostalgic affection). So much has happened since I put up that picture of the crewel-work pouch I’d completed as a present for my sister, and wrote a post about knitting a feather and fan scarf! This blog began, like so many other blogs around that time, as a place to document my knitting projects, but it evolved to become so much more than that. As well as documenting my projects, and writing about the many knitterly and textile-related things that I loved and that inspired me, I found that I could use this space to write about pretty much anything that interested me – this was rather exciting, as was the significant discovery that there were folk out there who actually read my posts! Since then, I’ve written about so much here: the places for which I hold a long-standing affection: (The Fylde coast, Edinburgh, Philadelphia) and places new to me by which I’ve been inspired (Madeira, Iceland). I’ve produced posts about many different aspects of design and textile history: the allure of the miniature, the significance of pockets, the history of broad cloth and British socks. I’ve also explored my love of walking: in my favourite American city, around Scotland and the lake district, and in many different contexts following my stroke. I’ve found that pretty much anything can find a place here:, an evil potato peeler, a cup of tea, camping an attempt to vote in the wrong election, and whisky (which I sadly can no longer enjoy). This blog has allowed me to be serious or silly, to be critical or celebratory. And through methods I cannot begin to fathom, now my dog has somehow also found a voice here.

In personal terms, I’ve also found this space to be incredibly stimulating and supportive. Sometimes my posts are a mere starting point for what turns into a really interesting conversation, and honestly, just thinking about the wonderful cards, letters and gifts you all sent when I was in the Astley Ainsley brain injury unit brings an immediate tear to my eye. This blog has brought me into contact with some of the best friends I’ve ever made, and allowed me to seriously consider doing something very different with my life when my stroke forced upon me a change of direction. So I want to thank you all sincerely for being with me over these eight years. So much has changed for me: my career, my body, the place in which I live – but this blog and its readers have always been there.

So here’s a small something to say thankyou: until noon tomorrow, you can purchase anything in my Ravelry store for half price. If you enter the code EIGHTYEARS at the checkout, you’ll receive 50% off everything.

Cheers everyone! Here’s to the next eight years!