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Hello! We have been away soaking up some vitamin D, and enjoying the patterns and colours of lovely Portugal. There, everything was bright blue and red-brown. The contrast between those shades and the familiar green of home has seemed very striking to me over the past couple of days. There we ate tasty sardines, swam in the sea, enjoyed hot sunshine and cool evening walks along the cliffs. Here, my tatties are thriving, my potting-shed cucumber has fruited (and fruits have been eaten), everything is lush and flourishing and yesterday we saw an osprey hunting on our loch from the living room window. We ran outside for a better view and, looking up into the evening sky, saw it circling just above us with a still very-alive fish squirming in its talons. A remarkable sight.

Bruce has been away too. Perhaps he’ll tell you about that later.

25 thoughts on “home : : away

  1. I hope that you’ve enjoy the time spend in Portugal. Have you visit the nord? It’s very beautiful too and very different of sud. I’m from Oporto and I’m a fan of your work. When you want to come again and visit the city I’ll be glad to received or help you and “make a tour”. :)


  2. So nice that you had a sunny holiday and came home to a garden in one piece and growing! Did Bruce join on the trip or have his own adventures at a friend’s or kennel?
    On another subject…. can you suggest any yarn shops in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling or Inverness or there about that carry a good range of Jamieson wool? I’m going to be in those areas July 14-25 with a good sized empty suitcase that I wish to fill….. ;-)


    1. I don’t know the ‘big cities’ in terms of yarn shops, but if you get a chance for a day out in Pittenweem the fabulous ‘Woolly Brew’ has a good stock.


  3. So jealous, I grew up in Portugal and your lovely photos make me feel home sick. It looks like you had a lovely time.

    Did you get a chance to explore any of Portugal’s fabulous textiles or yarn? It wasn’t until recently that I found out that the merino sheep originated from the iberian peninsular and date back to the 1500s, I have read that they were so highly prized that the Spanish King refused to sell or trade them and smuggling a merino was punishable by death!!! Sadly, however, the wool industry in Portugal is struggling. There are a couple of companies out there trying to promote Portuguese wool again like the lovely Retrosaria (who do fab ribbons as well!!!!) plus Ovelha Negra.

    Portugal also has some beautiful embroidery which is simply stunning and can vary by region. The ones from Guimaraes are particularly beautiful.


  4. Kate you have a way of showing us your life and it makes me want to be where you are, my family is Irish and I dream of going there one day….I think I would want to stay and never go home. Your surroundings are so inspirational and it shows in your beautiful knitting!!!


  5. Amazing photos, as usual, and amazing that you don’t have to use netting or fencing to keep animals from pinching your veggies!


  6. It would be interresting to hear about what places in Portugal you visited! We were in Portugal last summer and this early spring and are going back next week. Mostly in the south. We really like this country! And we also yearn to Scottland!


  7. Super! My son and family were just in Portugal and those colours are amazing but you know what? I prefer Scotland ! SO glad you garden wasn’t eaten while you were away :) by beasties !


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