Hiya! It is I, Bruce. I am here to tell you about my holiday. Sometimes, when Kate and Tom go away, I get to spend time with Sue and Wal. Sue and Wal are Kate’s mum and dad and they are also my second favourite humans. Sue and Wal have a wonderful garden full of many fascinating nooks and crannies and an abundance of new smells. Being in Sue and Wal’s garden means that I get to do many things that I do not get to do at home . . .


. . . such as relaxing with Sue in her garden pod . . .


. . . wreaking merry havok with this interesting collection of gardening GLOVES . . .


. . . and happily chewing up STICKS until I am sick.

Without doubt, the best thing about staying here in Rochdale is going for walks with my friend Wal. Together we have walked along many lanes, up many hills, and along many canal paths. These are the same lanes and hills and paths that Kate walked along as a girl, and I have a lot of fun with Wal exploring these interesting places. The best holiday place of all, however, is the place called Springfield Park. At this place there is a lot of green grass, large expanses of water, and many, many flowers. Strangely, though, these grasses and water and flowers are not the same as they are in the places in which I walk and run at home. Wal informed me before entering this place that here these things are in a “park” and that they are “cultivated.” At the time I did not understand the full nuances of these words, but I now think that these words mean that the flowers are not to be jumped through, and the water is not to be jumped in. These words also apparently suggest that one must not run amok among happy picnickers, leap towards a group of fleeing ducks, nor seek to hunt down elusive SANDWICHES, hidden from view in their sneaky plastic boxes. I enjoyed my time in Springfield Park immensely, but for some reason Wal did not seem to enjoy himself quite as much as I did. Most unaccountably – especially given the exciting nature of the place – we never visited Springfield Park again.


While I was enjoying myself in Rochdale on my holiday, Kate and Tom were spending time in somewhere called Portugal, where there is sun and swimming. Well, it may be sunny in Portugal but does it have GLOVES or STICKS? Is Portugal the place of parks and sandwiches? Is there a large garden to play in all day and two humans who love to laugh at your antics? I think not. Don’t tell Kate and Tom but I know I got the best deal.

See you soon, love Bruce xxx

46 thoughts on “at Sue and Wal’s

  1. Addendum:
    Bruce, do you know, has Kate ever thought of publishing your canine thoughts and insights in printed form?

    It would make very insightful and intriguing reading for us humans and a joy to behold you on the gorgeous photos your humans take.
    You are a great model, Bruce, a real natural.
    More greetings from the canine lover


  2. Oh Bruce! You are such character! ; ))))
    Um, and between the two of us: yeah, I should say that you are right, you really seem to have got the better end of the holiday bargain!


  3. Years ago my dog Shang took a liking to the ducks in Springfield Park and went to join them. Dad refused to let him back into the van so Mum had to walk him all the way home. To Bury, eight miles away.


  4. My mum and dad took me to the nice smelly place they call Paris. In the middle of a big castle building there was a nice round pool to swim in and then… a big glass triangle thing, loads of people and MORE WATER to paddle in, it was brilliant… only the guards wouldn’t let me walk in the park afterwards, so we had to walk along the river instead… :)
    Love hearing your stories, Bruce! Love from Alina xx…


  5. Jeez Bruce – whose a lucky fellah? I am never ever ever let off the lead unless we are at the Designated Dog Beach where for some reason I am allowed to run free as the wind. Imagine if you and I had been able to race around Springfield Park unfettered by leads and prize winning stop-me-pulling-their-arms off regalia. So far I have broken two so called unbreakable harnesses!!! Yes, snapped them straight through. Can you beat that? Have to go now – got to scratch and spread some dog hair around which drives someone not so far away crazy. Catcha.
    All the way from Over Here – Woody


  6. Hi Bruce,
    Glad you had a nice trip and although the park was a bit restrictive it sounds like the rest was full of great smells! We were at a fire look out which means we had to pack in our own food and water. We got to run every where in total BLISS!
    Your 4-paw friends Sadie and Tally


  7. Bruce,
    I have wandered around Portugal but I agree for a beautiful fellow like you, the garden is the BEST.
    Cheers from Australia


  8. Maybe next time you visit Sue and Wal’s Bruce, you might like to check out Queens Park in Heywood [not too far from Rochdale]. Mary takes me there often and you could definately run around in the grass and have a swim in the lake if you fancied. Sid :)


  9. Bruce, I follow this blog for you. You really need to break out and get your own blog. The world needs more of BRUCE!


  10. Alas Bruce, I too am supposed to avoid SANDWICHES in the park, even when humans are throwing them away and the ducks are allowed to hoover it all up. ! My mum dreads “picnickers”, she says it’s akin to your sausage incident a while back?! I am very impressed with your stick haul. I too would be grinning from ear to ear with that little lot. Lola Bear x x


  11. So many GLOVES, Bruce! It sounds like you have so thoroughly enjoyed yourself! Though my pup isn’t as fond of GLOVES and STICKS as you, he would have joined you in the search for those elusive SANDWICHES!


  12. Ah Bruce I do so love your stories. Angus says he hopes you enjoyed the sandwiches and that he can never understand why joining a picnic is wrong either!!


  13. I tjink you should ask Kate how to open those boxes with sandwiches. That would give a walk in the park even more enjoyment. And sticks…………..o yeah, they are the best!


  14. Dear Bruce,
    It looks like you had a great time. If you ever visit North Carolina, I will ask my humans if we can all go sailing. Maybe Kate can find a picture of a Sailing boat to show you. It’s Great!!! Much better than putting your head out the window of a car! In my park there is something called playground! At playground there are lots of small humans that like to throw sticks and give hugs! One last thing, did you find any potatoes at this Sue and Wal’s home? I’ve looked, but they don’t grow them in the Park! Well, looking at all your pictures and hearing of your adventures has plum wore me out! Think I’ll just jump up on my humans bed and have a bit of shut-eye. Hope I dream of all those wonderful gloves! Keep in Touch,
    Your Friend, Tula


  15. Nice to hear you’re enjoying a stay in my lovely country. Beware of the heat, keep well hidrated and wear sunscreen, always! And stay away from the sun from 11 am to 15 pm. We’re having a heat wave (a Portuguese one, that means that temperatures rise well above 35º; 38º from where I’m writing, at the moment).


  16. ahaha hi Bruce! I have to tell you that we have all of that here and more. Did you ever visit a beach? If you didn’t, ask Kate and Tom to take you there!


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